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Tarot Card Spread Reveals How to Get Your Wish

In my family, regardless of age, the “Birthday Boy” (or Girl) always makes a wish before blowing out the candles. The kids believe their wishes will come true. The adults, not so much.

The simple explanation for why this is so is that making wishes (and expecting them to come true) is a form of “make-believe,” a.k.a. magickal thinking. Children (usually) believe in magick. Grown-ups (usually) do not. (I’ll admit there were years when I only pretended to make a wish so as not to spoil the festive mood…)

The Wish Card: 9 of Cups

Alchemical Tarot Revisited by Robert M. Place 9 of Cups - The Wish Card http://livingwithcards.comAlchemical Tarot Renewed by Robert M. Place 9 of Cups - The Wish Card

The Alchemical Tarot: Renewed Fourth Edition

Although I’m not sure what prompted the thought, earlier this week my mind drifted to a recent family birthday party where the “Birthday Boy,” excited and smiling, squeezed his eyes shut and made what looked to be a very important wish. It was clear from the expression on his face that he expected his wish to come true. The memory made me smile.

It then occurred to me that the Tarot could explain how the whole “wish-getting” thing works, which made me smile even more. All I had to do was ask!

I decided to use The Alchemical Tarot Renewed tarot deck by Robert M. Place. After a thorough shuffle while concentrating on my question, I pulled seven cards and placed them according to the layout shown below:

Q: How Can I Get My Wish (What is the Formula)?


Alchemical Tarot 7 card Wish Spread: 9 of Cups - Page of Wands - Queen of Cups - 3 of Pentacles - XII-The Hanged Man - 2 of Pentacles - 2 of Cups http://livingwithcards.comAlchemical Tarot 7 card Wish Spread: 9 of Cups - Page of Wands - Queen of Cups - 3 of Pentacles - XII-The Hanged Man - 2 of Pentacles - 2 of Cups

The Alchemical Tarot: Renewed Fourth Edition


Position 1 – The Subject or Focus: 9 of Cups

9 of Cups tarot card from The Alchemical Tarot Renewed http://livingwithcards.comTarot Wish Spread Position 1: 9 of Cups - The Wish Card

To my amazement, the first card drawn was the Wish Card itself — 9 of Cups. It seemed to be a clear confirmation that the Tarot was in tune with my question.


Positions 2, 3, 4 – The Answer: Page of Wands, Queen of Cups, 3 of Pentacles


Tarot Wish Spread Positions 2, 3, 4: Page of Wands - Queen of Cups - 3 of Pentacles http://livingwithcards.comTarot Wish Spread Positions 2, 3, 4: Page of Wands - Queen of Cups - 3 of Pentacles

Thoughts (Page of Wands) immersed in feelings/ emotions (Queen of Cups) manifest into things (3 of Pentacles). Notice that a Page is a “beginner” — lower in order than a Queen. Thoughts (Pages) come first. Page of Wands shows the inspirations, hunches and messages that develop into “wishes.” Queens denote a deeper, more mature energy. The Queen of Cups symbolizes developed feelings and emotions. Together, the cards suggest that a considerable amount of feeling/ emotion (Queen of Cups as a more developed energy) has to be infused into the thoughts (Page) to make the spark catch fire (Wands). The result would be a physical manifestation (Pentacles).


Position 5 – Caution, Challenge, Obstacle: XII-The Hanged Man

XII-The Hanged Man tarot card from Alchemical Tarot Renewed http://livingwithcards.comTarot Wish Spread Position 5: XII-The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man suggests the need to look at things from a different perspective and illuminates the need to change one’s perception. The card reminds us that it all starts on the inside. Inner reality creates outer reality, not the other way around. I find it interesting that the only Major Arcana card in the spread happens to be the Challenge Card: its message cannot be ignored or worked around.


Positions 6, 7 – Considerations, Additional Information, Advice: 2 of Pentacles, 2 of Cups

Tarot Wish Spread Positions 5, 6: 2 of Pentacles - 2 of Cups http://livingwithcards.comTarot Wish Spread Positions 6, 7: 2 of Pentacles - 2 of Cups

When it comes to manifestation, 2 of Pentacles suggests if one is “juggling and struggling,” flip-flopping back and forth between wanting something and then doubting they can get it, eventually they’ll wind up “dropping the ball.” Full alignment, harmonization and connection with the desire is essential (2 of Cups).

To summarize:

The Tarot reveals that the “Formula” for getting your wish is to recognize that thoughts start the process and deeply-felt emotion grows it.  This may require a change in your perception: the realization that “inner reality creates outer reality,” and not the other way around. Inconsistent thinking/ actions tends to cancel each other out — you can’t be wishing for (or working towards) what you want one minute then doubting your ability to get what you want the next and still expect success. Full vibrational alignment with your desire is essential.


If the Formula seems simple, that’s because it is. Simple, however, doesn’t necessarily mean easy, as any Student of the Law of Attraction can attest. 🙂


My suggestion is to try this spread with a particular “Wish” in mind. For Position 1, you can pre-select the Wish Card (9 of Cups) or use another card that symbolizes your desire, whichever you prefer. Or, you can simply let the deck pick the card for you… If you pre-select a card, remove the card of your choice from the deck before thoroughly shuffling the remaining cards while asking the Tarot “How Can I Get My Wish?” (or some variation of that question).

Position #1 – Focus card (describes or represents what you are wishing for)
Positions #2, 3, 4 – The Answer (how-to instructions, what you need to do or not do to get what you are wishing for)
Position #5 – The Caution, Challenge or Obstacle
Position #6, 7 – Additional Information, Considerations, Advice

You can lay out the spread like I did in the diagram above or in any way that makes sense to you. Give it a try and see what you come up with. You might be amazed at how accurately the Tarot provides the answers you seek.


Mary Hawkins

Tarot Clarification Cards Address Relationship Issue

You can almost always glean additional and helpful information from a Tarot spread by pulling clarification cards. While there are many ways to select clarification cards, below I will outline my preferred method.

First, let’s take a look at a simple 7 card Overview Spread* that reads fairly straightforwardly. Later, we’ll add the clarification cards.


Tarot spread, overview spread, card positions, livingwithcards.com
The Overview Spread – card positions

Card 1: Significator or Theme Card (Represents the Querent or describes an important aspect about the topic under consideration)

Cards 2 & 6: The Recent Past / Current Influences

Card 3: What is Above You (Describes what’s weighing on the Querent’s mind at the time of the reading)

Cards 4 & 7: Near Future/ What Happens Next

Card 5: What is Below You (Describes what the Querent dreads, doesn’t want to think about or wants to avoid)


The template above shows how to lay out the spread once you’re done shuffling the cards in your usual manner while thinking about the topic you’d like the cards to discuss. You can preselect Card 1 if you like (for example, choose the King or Queen who normally represents you, or choose VI-The Lovers for a relationship overview), or let the deck choose for you. I usually let the deck pick the Significator or Theme Card, but please do whatever feels comfortable to you. You’ll still get a valid reading.



In the following example, the Querent (person asking the question) was a single female who found herself unexpectedly pregnant. She wanted to know if marriage (which she and the man had discussed as an option) was a good idea. I drew the following cards:

Overview tarot spread Universal Waite tarot deck
Overview Spread – Universal Waite Tarot Deck

Universal Waite Tarot Deck

Card 1 – Significator or Theme Card: III-The Empress

Cards 2 & 6 – The Recent Past / Current Influences: 10 of Wands + 2 of Wands

Card 3 – What is Above You (What’s Weighing on Your Mind at the Time of the Reading): 8 of Swords

Cards 4 & 7 – Near Future/ What Happens Next: 3 of Pentacles + 4 of Swords

Card 5: What is Below You (What You Are Avoiding, Dreading or Don’t Want to Think About): 7 of Wands


Since the Querent was indeed pregnant, III-Empress as the Significator or Theme Card was certainly appropriate. I quickly noted, however, a lack of cards in the spread suggesting marriage and/or happiness.

10 of Wands and 2 of Wands in the Recent Past position (Cards 2 + 6) suggested feelings of overwhelm and off-centeredness. 8 of Swords in the Above position (Card 3) suggested a sense of entrapment, awkwardly countered by the independent, go-it-alone vibe presented by 7 of Wands in the Below “Don’t Want to Think About It” position (Card 5).

I noted that the Wands cards, which in general can indicate hope and inspiration, were in the Recent Past and Below positions (Cards 2, 6 and 5) while cards from the suit of Swords (indicating fear and worry) showed up in the Above position (Card 3) and as the last card of the Near Future (Card 7).

The child itself did not seem to factor in (no Pages), and once again I’ll mention the lack of cards indicating love, marriage, cooperation and/or happiness.

The Overview Spread confirmed the Querent’s sense of feeling conflicted. With 3 of Pentacles and 4 of Swords in the Near Future position (Cards 4 + 7), it seemed likely that any potential growth of the relationship between her and the baby’s father would come to a halt. Perhaps they would agree to take a break from each other. This interpretation seemed to be supported by 7 of Wands in the “Don’t Want to Think About It” Below position (Card 5) which speaks to what one is avoiding, dreading or not wanting to consider. I got the sense the querent didn’t want to admit to herself (let alone the baby’s father) that she would prefer to remain independent.

Before I went any further, I wanted to see the clarification cards, knowing they would either support or refute my intuitions.


How I Use Numerology to Calculate Tarot Clarification Cards

Each Major Arcana card has its own value, 0 – 22.

Each Minor Arcana card 1 – 10 has its own value.

In my system, Kings = 11, Queens = 12, Knights =13 and Pages = 14. Some readers do the reverse. Either way it’s up to you, just be consistent.


In this reading there were no court cards so the math was easy enough. I added up the numerical values of the cards in the layout and reduced the total to a number equaling 22 or below. Here, the cards added up to 37, which equals 3 + 7 = 10 = X-Wheel of Fortune.

The next step was to find X-Wheel of Fortune in the remaining deck and pull it out, along with the card before and the card after, giving me a three-card clarification:

Tarot clarification cards VII-Chariot, X-Wheel of Fortune, 5 of Pentacles
Tarot Clarification Cards


VII-The Chariot continued with the theme of independence and wanting to do one’s own thing while 5 of Pentacles suggested hardship and more restriction. X-Wheel of Fortune in the middle suggested to me the course had not yet been set. While I felt the fate of this relationship was in the querent’s hands (Chariot), that didn’t guarantee the change would be positive (especially with 5 of Pentacles following the Wheel). “Sleeping on it” (4 of Swords) was not bad advice. She owed it to herself to carefully consider her options and desires in light of what would ultimately prove best for all parties.


Mary Hawkins

*I learned the Overview Spread from The Art of Cartomancy website by Kapherus, which is now back online, I’m happy to say 🙂