My name is Mary Hawkins and I have been living with cards since 1991.

Tarot cards… Lenormand cards… Playing cards… Oracle cards…

Medicine cards… Angel cards… Gypsy witch cards… All kinds of cards.

They live on my bookshelves, in my baskets, in hand-crafted wooden boxes made by my son. They occupy pouches in my purses. They peer at me from their perches on the microwave over the kitchen table.

They are gracious when the Rescue Kitties step on them or I inadvertently drop them on the floor. They get weirded out when the grandsons get too close. Occasionally, some random deck that I hardly ever use will insist on being read, and I’ll wind up annoying myself half to death searching for it.

I’ve been living with cards for so long I can’t imagine living without them. I take them for granted, just like I take my ability to read cards in the first place for granted. It’s just something I do and I’ve been doing it so long it doesn’t seem like anything special to me.

Anyone could do it.

So it always amazes me when people, upon finding out I read cards, beg me to read theirs. I think it’s because they know, on some level, the cards really do mirror the energy patterns surrounding them and reflect back what’s really going on beneath the surface of their issue, problem or concern.

And that’s true. That’s exactly what the cards are doing. They’re not predicting your set-in-stone future. They’re just showing you the probable outcome, what you’re probably attracting into your life, based on the energy you’re putting out or open to receiving at the time of your questions. And when you can become aware of what you’re doing and/or why you’re doing it, you’ve got a better chance at altering the energy. And when you can alter the energy, or bust up the prevailing pattern, you’ve got a shot at changing your own future.

It’s all pretty fascinating.

Better than that, it’s something you can learn to do yourself.

So what it all comes down to is, sure, I can read your cards — and if you want me to, email me at [mzhawk12@gmail.com] to discuss your situation and concerns — but I’d rather show you how to read your own cards by sharing my techniques, tips and actual step-by-step card readings on this blog.

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Mary Hawkins


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  1. Hi i don’t no rather you could do this for me im running an evening of mediumship this thursday nite and would like to know how my evening will go..


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