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Over the years I’ve received heartwarming feedback from visitors to my former website, Soulscape Tarot & Astrology, and now, to Living with Cards. I want you all to know how much your kind words mean to me. Thank you so much for your love and support.


Mary Hawkins


…the evening was success concerning the spirit communication, there was a small crowd but saying that the evening was a success and plenty of spirit messages was given out…thank you so much for the reading and your time you spent doing it for me and the quick response in which you replied to my request…DG

livingwithcards.comI love you Mary.  You are the best.  Thank you for coming into my life at this time.  I am sure that I will continue to contact you for more help as well as recommend you to anyone who can handle the approach that you take.  You have truly saved me at this horrendous time of my life — I know that Sai Baba sent you to me.   I just feel this unbelievable love for you.  Thank you again and again.   — MG

livingwithcards.comDear Mary: Thank you so much for your reading.  What you say rings true to me.  I appreciate your guidance in this matter. Sending you love and light. — MMZ

livingwithcards.comHi Mary, Gee, I really enjoy your site. I find the lessons to be very informative and enjoyable and of course have your site in my favorites folder.I found your theory on the extra Magicians in the Crowley deck to be fascinating especially since I have been pulling the card so much lately. Well I hope you put up another lesson soon!! Many thanks for taking the time to put your site up and help all of us out here. — SP

livingwithcards.comYou have a lovely site and I appreciate you sharing your tarot experiences. I’ve been reading for about 20 years but it wasn’t until I got on the net that I found “others” who enjoy the tarot for all it’s mystery and versatility. I plan to come back often to read more of your articles. I was also glad to see a few more of the cards from the Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck as I’ve been considering adding it to my collection.

livingwithcards.comActually I wanted to tell you how BEAUTIFUL your Website is . . . and how refreshing it is to see such quality work being offered. I am an astrologer and tarot reader / teacher myself . . . living in the mountains between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, NM . . .and I did very much enjoy browsing through your offerings in these early morning hours. I rather happened upon you “by accident” — which you obviously know is an illusion. And before leaving, I wanted very much to tell you how impressed I am with your work. — RB

livingwithcards.comThanks for this wonderful site. There’s a lot to do and it’s extremely pleasing to the eye! Thanks again. I’ll be back. — LW, Angel Paths Tarot

livingwithcards.comDear Mary, Thank you so much for the wonderful reading. You were completely right about my past and the lack of patience in my present. I will definitely take your advice about affirmation. Thank You, SC

livingwithcards.comMary, I got my Astro Compatibility Report and found it to be fascinating. You are amazing. Thank you so much. — PR

livingwithcards.comI have a dear friend and soul sister named Mary Hawkins, who is known to a number of you. I’ve known Mary for several years now, and know her to be a truly gifted intuitive, tarot reader, astrologer and psychic. Since our first meeting, I have consulted Mary for guidance and insight when faced with doubt and/or decisions that made me hesitate, and over just plain curiosity to know if I’d already done the right thing.  I might say that if any of you need an honest and objective view of a question, I cannot recommend Mary highly enough. She’s pretty amazing. — Julia White, meyna@mindspring.com, http://meyna.com

livingwithcards.comMaryHawk, Soulscape is beautiful. Thank you for making me aware of it and of the Lakhota and other sites. Love, Sally (Abbymist)

livingwithcards.comMary! This is beautiful! You are amazing! I’m so happy I was just out looking around.–Love, Patricia

livingwithcards.comDear Mary: Thank you for your reading. I was overwhelmed with the information which, in time, will crystallize for me. Yet I was able to associate with many of your interpretations. … Mary, can you read for me in response to my specific questions as well as broader questions that probe into my distant future? Bless you, K.H.

livingwithcards.comHaving read and loved all of her books, I looked up Sanaya Roman, which led me to John & Omni, which led me to you. This is a beautiful site. Last night, I prayed and affirmed that I would find whatever it is that my soul is looking for. I believe that I was led to you because of this. From visiting this site, and reading the sample reading, I know that I will be visiting this site often, and that I will learn a lot. Thank you. Sincerely, Maryam —P.S. Sorry about the length of this message; but I’m just so happy to find this site.

livingwithcards.comDear Mary, Thank you so much for a very helpful and insightful reading. You really seemed to grasp the heart of my situation. Incidentally, I have family in Richmond and had a tarot reading with a very nice woman while visiting there last winter. I am impressed by the similarities in the readings-and as a newcomer to metaphysical matters, I find it very exciting and compelling. I appreciate your help and thoroughness, and will certainly call upon you in the future. Thanks again. Peace, JG

livingwithcards.comI just had a reading done for me over ICQ with our own Maryhawk — Line forms over here to the right …. don’t shove and push …. walk slowly, with purpose!!! Truly, Mary is quite gifted and a wonderful reader. The cards were so accurate — I was looking for confirmation on a decision I’ve made, and it was like the universe was saying … n-o-w T-e-r-r-y , r-e-a-d m-y l-i-p- s…… sometimes ya just gotta get boinked one good one on the top of the head!!! Mary does a great job in explaining what the cards mean to your specific situation. I’ve been to quite a few readers, and I will have to say that this is the best reading I’ve had, not only for the outcome but for the way it was presented and the information given. She’s got my endorsement, big time!!!!! If you feel a need to have your cards read, don’t look any further than your own family. We have a great reader among us already. Gee, and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home!!! Can’t get much better. Blessings, Terry

livingwithcards.comThank you for your reading. The information you provided was accurate and enlightening. Thank you again, TRW

livingwithcards.comSo happy to have found your jewel of a site! Thank you, Sarah

livingwithcards.comGreat site — very informative and interesting. Thanks, #211 visitor

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