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Tarot Spreads: The Tarot de Marseille Veil Spread Discusses Job Loss

I continue to be amazed at the quality of information a tarot reader can obtain from The Veil Spread with Extra Positions layout. As I mentioned in a previous post, The Veil Spread is a three card tarot spread outlined in the LWB (little white book) that accompanies the Tarot de Marseille tarot deck. I added two extra positions to this spread and have repeatedly found them useful, as shown in the following tarot reading:

A female querent (person asking the question) in her early 60s contacted me regarding a job loss. Her company eliminated her position and, while not a complete surprise (there were warning signs), she feels at a loss as to what to do next. She asked:

What do I need to consider going forward?

Using only the Majors from the Tarot de Marseille tarot deck, I pulled the following cards:

Tarot de Marseille Veil Spread with Extra Positions: XVIII-Moon Rx - 0-Fool - XVI-Tower Rx - XXI-World Rx - I-Magician
Tarot de Marseille Veil Spread with Extra Positions: XVIII-Moon Rx – 0-Fool – XVI-Tower Rx – XXI-World Rx – I-Magician


Position #1: What You Are Seeing

XVIII-The Moon Rx

Tarot de Marseille - XVIII-The Moon Rx
Tarot de Marseille – XVIII-The Moon Rx

XVIII-The Moon in its reversed position focuses on emotional turmoil and suggests the querent is overwhelmed by the feelings the job loss has engendered to a degree where she really can’t seem to focus on anything else. It is difficult to gain clarity when the emotions are jumbled up and rational decision making seems impossible.

Position #2: The Veil, or What You Are Not Seeing, or the Reason You Are Not Able to See the Truth

0-The Fool

Tarot de Marseille - 0-The Fool
Tarot de Marseille – 0-The Fool

0-The Fool appears when a person is required to start a new phase of his or her life. What the querent is not seeing — or what she may be failing to recognize — is that the past is behind her and now she must step forward, even though she may not know exactly where she is heading. Faith is required.

Position #3: The Truth

XVI-The Tower Rx

Tarot de Marseille - XVI-The Tower Rx
Tarot de Marseille – XVI-The Tower Rx

XVI-The Tower in its upright position signifies shock and upset. In its reversed position, the shock or upset has already happened and the worst of it is over. No amount of rehashing the past or agonizing over whether a different result may have occurred if she’d done things differently will change the dynamics of her situation. The truth of the matter is that things will never be the same and that it’s time for the querent to pick up the pieces and begin rebuilding her life.

Position #4: The Advice

XXI-The World Rx

Tarot de Marseille - XXI-The World Rx
Tarot de Marseille – XXI-The World Rx

While XXI-The World is a card of success and fulfillment, in its reversed position it shows fear of change, insecurity and a refusal or inability to face the future. By pointing this out to the querent, XXI-The World Rx acknowledges that while it might be difficult to change her mindset and prepare for new experiences by setting new goals, that is exactly what she should do to begin moving forward.

Position #5: The Probable Outcome

I-The Magician

Tarot de Marseille - I-The Magician
Tarot de Marseille – I-The Magician

I was excited to see this empowering card in the Probable Outcome position because it indicates that the querent has the ability to use her will and imagination to create a new direction for herself. I-Magician suggests the querent may have a specialized knowledge in some area or special skills or talents she may use to achieve her goals. It is an excellent indication that the querent has the ability to compete in the marketplace if that’s the direction she decides to take, or successfully pursue self employment.


In summary, The Tarot de Marseille Veil Spread with Extra Positions clearly indicates that the querent’s prospects for resolving her job loss issue are excellent, once she gets past the emotional entanglement and feelings of victimization the job loss has likely triggered.


Mary Hawkins

Tarot Card Meanings: High Priestess – Trusting the Voice Within

II-High Priestess is the second of 22 cards comprising the Major Arcana of the tarot. Also known as La Papesse or The Female Pope, II-High Priestess is associated with the zodiacal sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon. Cancer, a water sign, and the Moon are associated with emotions, the subconscious and intuition, and II-High Priestess as an archetypal force symbolizes the hidden, spiritual, unconscious, and intuitive aspects of the universe in which we live.


Tarot de Marseille II-The High Priestess
Tarot de Marseille II-The High Priestess


As La Papesse, II-High Priestess reminds us we are spiritual beings walking around in human bodies. As such, we have access to spiritual knowledge, the subconscious mind, and our own inner guidance system which is connected to the Divine.

Keywords for II-High Priestess: intuition, secrecy, feminine mysteries, virginal, platonic, psychic, something going on beneath the surface, hidden issues, innermost feelings, inner voice, divination, celibacy, low sex drive, hidden potential, self-trust, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, self- acceptance, self-resourcefulness, independence, spiritual depth, extra sensory perception, occult knowledge, intuitive capabilities, harmony, balance, equilibrium, healing powers.

In a tarot reading, a person represented by II-High Priestess may be reserved, secretive, and/or self-reliant. She may be psychic or possess healing powers. Usually she is inner-oriented or directed, responsible and self-sufficient. II-High Priestess as a person is typically a mature, serious, cautious and/or discerning individual who uses discretion in her dealings with others. Unless surrounding cards say otherwise, she is trustworthy and wise.

If II-High Priestess is drawn as a theme card or the card representing the situation/ issue/ circumstance, it is an indication that the situation/ issue/ circumstance is of a serious nature and not everything about it has been revealed to you yet.

Negative manifestations of II-High Priestess: inability to communicate, passivity, promiscuity, not enough reflection given to the situation/ issue/ circumstance, being out of touch with yourself, going against your gut feelings, not paying attention to your true needs and/or feelings.

Work: Something is going on beneath the surface. What is your gut telling you? A female co-worker, supervisor or employee may be hiding something from you or you may sense some psychic or underhanded manipulation going on.

Romance: A hidden agenda. Something is not right or someone isn’t telling you everything. Secrets. Trust issues. Something may be out of balance in the relationship. (This is almost never an indication that the person in question is your soul-mate.) Trust your intuition.

Finances: Unknown factors are at play. Do your homework and research the situation. Something may be off balance. Uncover discrepancies, probe beneath the surface. Ask your inner self for guidance, clarification and direction. You may need to consult a financial adviser to help you clarify and resolve your issue. Trust your gut feelings and your psychic impressions concerning money issues.

Health: You don’t have enough information to make a decision concerning your condition or its treatment. More research is needed. Be proactive and don’t take anything at face value. If you get a bad gut feeling about a certain course of action or medical procedure, don’t do it. Question the diagnosis, the treatment, the doctor. Get a second opinion.

Spirituality: Cultivate and/or focus upon the qualities of self-trust, self-resourcefulness and self-acceptance in order to achieve spiritual balance and deepen your connection to the Divine. Developing receptivity to “the quiet voice within” releases healing powers and strengthens your intuitive capabilities.

Empowerment: Pay attention to your intuitions, hunches, gut feelings and dreams. Don’t be afraid to look beneath the surface, keep your own counsel, and trust your own inner guidance system.


Tarot de Marseille II-The High Priestess
Tarot de Marseille II-The High Priestess

Note from Mary: Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the “secretive,” “psychic,” “intuitive” nature of II-High Priestess while forgetting that the number 2 first and primarily points to balance and the ability to successfully manage yin (receptivity) and yang (action). The way you can do this is to develop a regular routine for going within and accessing your spiritual core — your own inner guidance system — for insight, commentary and advice on how to proceed in any given situation/ circumstance and then learn to trust yourself enough to act on the guidance received.


Mary Hawkins

Tarot Card Meanings: Magician – Using Magician Energy

Note from Mary: I am posting an updated version of an article I wrote which originally appeared in the Tarot Teacher section of my former website, Soulscape Tarot & Astrology. I hope you will find it useful…


Tarot de Marseille I-The Magician
Tarot de Marseille I-The Magician


Recently, I pulled I-MAGICIAN while doing a 3 card daily draw. I thought I would share some insights on this card with you.

I-MAGICIAN is the first of the Major Arcana cards in the Tarot, also known in some decks as I-MAGUS. In a tarot spread, Major Arcana cards typically symbolize archetypal energies in play at the time of the reading. I-MAGICIAN is associated with Mercury (the Messenger), communication, flexibility, duality and brilliance. Astrologically, Mercury is the natural ruler of Virgo (Earth) and Gemini (Air).

I-MAGICIAN symbolizes the process of consciously creating reality through your will, words and imagination. Think of I-MAGICIAN as the Alchemist and Transformer. This card symbolizes your ability to turn ideas and spoken affirmations into action and suggests you can (or should) rely on self confidence, power and determination to see you through.

When you pull I-MAGICIAN in a reading it suggests that powerful and synchronistic influences are coming into your life, enabling you to intuit or invent solutions to your most pressing problems. Since this is accomplished by “tuning in” to “messages” you receive intuitively, it’s important to allow yourself to maintain a receptive frame of mind, especially if you are finding that I-MAGICIAN comes up for you often in spreads.

Here are some possible interpretations of how the energy of I-MAGICIAN may manifest, depending on the subject of your reading or what you’ve asked about:

Work: Positive, augers success. Creative, innovative thought is in order. The ability to turn ideas into reality. You may begin a new job or receive a promotion. Creative endeavors take off, dreams and desires materialize.

Romance: You may meet someone new under unusual or synchronistic circumstances. Telepathic communication with a loved one. Possible indication that you have/will meet a soul-mate. May indicate a creative, intuitive person with excellent communication skills. Negative: could indicate a manipulator or trickster, someone who will try to pull something over on you, particularly if surrounded by negative cards.

Finances: If you’re asking about money, I-MAGICIAN suggests your finances will improve, possibly through a new job or project that provides good income while meeting creative needs. Bills paid, money left over. If this card shows up in a position indicating a problem, challenge, or obstacle, it can be pointing out that you’re engaging in negative thinking and emotions that are resulting in negative or unwanted manifestations.

Health: Problems clear up spontaneously. As shaman and healer, MAGICIAN points to alternative medicine. You are guided to the correct practitioner/ herbal treatment, etc. Remember that illness is often a “wake up call” — listen to your body. A particular dietary change may benefit you. [Note from Mary: if you’re worried about a health issue, please see your doctor or health practitioner!!]

Spirituality: Esoteric, metaphysical and/or occult knowledge provides answers to questions. A Teacher/ Guide offers aid and enlightenment.

Empowerment: Conscious magic provides power and energy to change your life. What you focus on expands!!!


Tarot de Marseille I-The Magician
Tarot de Marseille I-The Magician

How has I-MAGICIAN energy manifested in your life? Please leave a comment and let us know!


Mary Hawkins