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Tarot Card Guidance: Possibilities Spread

Everyone has areas of life in which they’d like to see a more positive outcome. I developed the Possibilities Tarot Card Spread to help you explore in more depth what may be available to you in a particular life area and what you may need to do or avoid in order to bring a more desired outcome into your reality.

First I’ll show you the layout, then I’ll show you an example of the spread in action.

Possibilities Tarot Card Spread Layout
Possibilities Tarot Card Spread
Possibilities Tarot Card Spread – http://livingwithcards.com



Tarot card reading tip: if the situation you wish to explore is frightening, disturbing or emotionally overwhelming, do your best to calm yourself down and consciously intend to draw cards that will give you true and helpful guidance before you shuffle and draw the cards.


Example of the Possibilities Tarot Card Spread: Employment Situation

Background: Female A is an older woman who is absolutely miserable in her job. When she started the position, she had high hopes it would make good use of her creative skills, but to her dismay, she found herself being assigned clerical, entry-level work well below her skill level, which she detested. Her supervisor seemed aloof and disinterested in the daily office drama, and she found her co-workers to be dishonest and untrustworthy. Despite the fact there was absolutely nothing she liked about the job, the thought of being jobless terrified her, so she stayed. She seemed desperate for a way out, but feared nothing might be “out there” for her, and besides, she didn’t have any idea of where to start looking.

The Tarot Card Reading for Female A:

While thinking about Female A’s situation and consciously intending to access helpful information, I shuffled the cards and then cut the deck into seven separate piles (one for each position), selecting the top card from each pile in sequential order. My question was: “Regarding Female A’s employment situation, what possibilities are now available to her?”

Q: What Possibilities are Available for Female A’s Employment Situation?

Morgan-Greer Tarot: 6 of Swords - 6 of Cups - Queen of Swords - 3 of Swords - XVIII-The Moon - IV-The Emperor - 8 of Wands
Morgan-Greer Tarot: 6 of Swords – 6 of Cups – Queen of Swords – 3 of Swords – XVIII-The Moon – IV-The Emperor – 8 of Wands

Morgan Greer Tarot Deck


Positions 1 and 2 – Possibilities Currently Available and Reason / Basis for the Possibility: 6 of Swords and 6 of Cups
Morgan-Greer Tarot: 6 of Swords - 6 of Cups
Morgan-Greer Tarot: 6 of Swords – 6 of Cups

I tend to read these two positions together. 6 of Swords is a card that is associated with moving away from the past. When this card is drawn, it is likely that the querent will be the one who makes the first move rather than let circumstances make the move for her. In other words, 6 of Swords suggests that a change in the way she is thinking about things (Swords = thoughts) will prompt her to seek a new job more in keeping with her desires. 6 of Swords also suggests that as she mentally (Swords) loosens herself from of grip of her situation, she may find that things start improving. Additionally, the card hints at the possibility of receiving help from unexpected sources.

The reason for, or basis of, the possibility is shown by 6 of Cups, which indicates that Female A’s creative skills and abilities still exist. She didn’t lose them, even though she is not currently using them. 6 of Cups also suggests that Female A (possibly because of her age) could be thinking her best days are behind her, which could certainly become her reality if she persists on believing such a disempowering thought. In essence, the possibility of distancing herself from the past and moving on to better things in the employment arena (6 of Swords) is dependent on her recognition that she does in fact possess valuable skills and talents and that her best days could be ahead of her and not behind her (6 of Cups). The two cards placed together suggest she could now become open to believing this possibility could be true for her.

Position 3 – What Helps: Queen of Swords
Morgan-Greer Tarot - Queen of Swords
Morgan-Greer Tarot – Queen of Swords

Clear, non-emotional thinking is of the essence. The Queen of Swords counsels that the querent should emotionally detach from her current situation and admit and declare, to herself and to the Universe, that she wants — and deserves — to be free of what has become an unacceptable condition. She should mentally (Swords) affirm that she deserves to use her gifts, talents and skills in a supportive environment. She would be best served by focusing (Swords) on what she wants and ruthlessly disengage (Swords) from all negative thinking about the situation.

Position 4 – What Hinders: 3 of Swords
Morgan-Greer Tarot: 3 of Swords
Morgan-Greer Tarot: 3 of Swords

The 3 of Swords is a card of emotional pain. In Position 4, it counsels that continued focus on negative and/or painful feelings will only prolong the painful and unpleasant situation in which the querent currently finds herself. The 3 of Swords confirms, whether she realizes it or not, that the querent is living within an abusive situation and that it is now necessary to remove the cause of her pain and let go what no longer serves her, if she is to have any chance at a happier, healthier work situation.

Position 5 – The Deduction: XVIII-The Moon
Morgan-Greer Tarot: XVIII-The Moon
Morgan-Greer Tarot: XVIII-The Moon

As the Deduction, XVIII-The Moon suggests the querent has been holding on to a very unhappy work situation because her fears of what the future might bring have been greater than her desire to change her circumstances. Unfortunately, these fears have probably kept her up at night as well as generated feelings of anxiety and insecurity. To put things right and start moving in a more positive direction, there is a need for the querent to face her fears and deconstruct them so she can accurately distinguish between what is real and what is only an illusion. XVIII-The Moon counsels that the querent would be better served by tuning into her intuition, actively seeking and working with the insights that come to her.

Position 6 – The Probable Outcome: IV-The Emperor
Morgan-Greer Tarot: IV-The Emperor
Morgan-Greer Tarot: IV-The Emperor

IV-The Emperor is about order and management. In the Probable Outcome position, it suggests that the Universe is already in the process of orchestrating a desirable change, even though the querent can’t actually see it yet. This would be a good time for her to step up her efforts, visualizing and affirming what she really wants, namely, a new employment situation that would give her the opportunity to use her talents and skills in a supportive, friendly workplace. Through continued, focused intention, she could attract the conditions she is looking for. Interestingly, this card literally suggests a new boss — a desired probable outcome in itself.

Position 7 – The Next Step: 8 of Wands
Morgan-Greer Tarot: 8 of Wands
Morgan-Greer Tarot: 8 of Wands

The first thought that came to mind when I saw this card is that if she hasn’t already started, the querent should immediately begin sending out her resume and networking with anyone and everyone for job leads. 8 of Wands is a positive indication of new opportunities (including a new job offer), rushes of creative inspiration, new friends and a world of possibilities that can open up once she frees her mind of negative, painful 3 of Swords thinking.

Clarification: XII-The Hanged Man
Morgan-Greer Tarot - XII-The Hanged Man
Morgan-Greer Tarot – XII-The Hanged Man

As clarification, XII-The Hanged Man confirms that a change in perspective would do the querent a world of good. If she is willing to give up her old way of looking at things (i.e., giving up negative beliefs), she can turn her life around, making way for desirable new opportunities to come into her life.


Mary Hawkins

Tarot and the Law of Attraction Part 1

When you throw a Tarot spread, whether for yourself or someone else, the cards typically pick up on the prevailing energies or vibrations surrounding the issue, circumstance or situation at the time of the question. Any probable outcome or prediction shown by the cards is usually what you or your querent may expect to happen based on the energies or vibrations in play at the time of the reading. Because energies or vibrations are always in flux and can be changed through deliberate and conscious intention, the probable outcome or prediction shown in the Tarot cards can usually change as well.

Herein lies the real value of the Tarot or any other divination system. Rather than focusing on predicting the future, consider using the Tarot to delve below the surface and shine a spotlight on the prevailing energies and vibrations that are in play at the time of the question, attracting a particular probable outcome, wanted or unwanted, into manifestation in your life.

Simply defined, the Law of Attraction states ‘Like attracts like’. Without going into layers of detail, the Law of Attraction boils down to you get what you think about whether you want it or not.

The problem is, it’s not always easy to figure out what you are thinking about or how you are thinking (and feeling) about it. Here’s where the Tarot comes in. Because the Tarot uncannily and consistently picks up on the energies and vibrations surrounding the issue, circumstance or situation, it can be a highly valuable and effective tool that can help you figure out what you are thinking and feeling, what you are in the process of attracting, and what strategies can you develop to get more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

I asked the Tarot cards to describe a strategy of how one might proceed in order to manifest more of what they want and less of what they don’t want into their lives. Using the Five Pointed Star with Significator spread, I pulled the following cards:

Q: What Strategy Will Best Support Desired Manifestation?
Five Pointed Star Tarot Spread: Page of Pentacles, 6 of Pentacles, 6 of Cups, 6 of Wands, Queen of Swords, Knight of Pentacles
Five Pointed Star Tarot Spread: Page of Pentacles, 6 of Pentacles, 6 of Cups, 6 of Wands, Queen of Swords, Knight of Pentacles

Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck

I immediately note there are no Major Arcana cards in the spread which suggests the matter at hand is under one’s control. “Fate” (majors) has nothing to do with it. I also note there are three 6’s in the spread, drawing attention to the fact that balance and harmony are important characteristics to consider. Everything must work together.

Significator or Theme: Page of Pentacles
tarot page of pentacles
Page of Pentacles

In the context of the question, the Significator or Theme card describes the strategy.  Page of Pentacles suggests a willingness to learn. The card seems to suggest one might approach the subject from a student’s perspective, remaining open-minded and willing to study the process.

Position 1 – Basis, Reason, Cause: 6 of Pentacles
tarot 6 of Pentacles
6 of Pentacles

Again, keep in mind that according to the context of the question, the cards are describing a strategy that can help one begin to manifest more of what they want and less of what they don’t want. The 6 of Pentacles is the “attitude of gratitude” card. It suggests that appreciation and gratitude for what one already has is the starting point for attracting more of the same.

Position 2 – Mindset, Expectations: 6 of Cups
tarot 6 of Cups
6 of Cups

When attempting to manifest a desire, one must expect to receive that which they are asking for. 6 of Cups suggests happy anticipation will go a long way in helping one manifest their heart-felt desires.

Position 3 – Additional Information or Comments: 6 of Wands
tarot 6 of Wands
6 of Wands

The Tarot 6 of Wands, also known as the Victory card, suggests that another part of the process is to envision success and enjoy how that feels.

Position 4 – Answer, Solution, Advice: Queen of Swords
Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck Queen of Swords
Queen of Swords

Of all the Tarot Queens, the Queen of Swords is a solitary figure. She reminds us that working on one’s ability to manifest is a solitary endeavor. No one else can do it for you. The Queen of Swords also counsels that clarity is essential. The clearer one can describe, visualize, and joyously anticipate the arrival of a desire or goal, the more likely a positive manifestation will take place.

Position 5 – Probable Outcome: Knight of Pentacles
tarot Knight of Pentacles
Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles indicates slow, steady progress with tangible results. This is the “plan the work, work the plan” card. By putting the procedure outlined by the previous cards into play, positive results may be expected.

The clarification cards (not shown) that I pulled for this reading further suggest to take the process one day at a time. Believe in yourself and your ability to learn a new trick or two. 🙂 Keep at it and you’ll be rewarded.

In Part 2, I’ll share a simple tarot card spread that may help you keep yourself on track should you desire to work on improving your manifestation ability.


Mary Hawkins

Tarot 5 Pointed Star Spread Addresses Creativity Issue: 4 of Cups, 0-The Fool, Knight of Wands, Queen of Swords, XIX-The Sun, Page of Swords

For the last twenty years or so, I’ve been the victim of a love-hate relationship with my artistic endeavors.

I’ll go through prolific periods where I’m producing artwork on an almost daily basis only to have it all come to a screeching halt, catapulting me into a bottomless, artless pit where it feels like I’ll never pick up a colored pencil or paintbrush again.

When I find myself in one of these dry, artless spells, I literally feel dried up and, frankly, a little bit dead.

Tarot Self-Empowerment Overcoming Artist's Block http://livingwithcards.com
Tarot Self-Empowerment Overcoming Artist’s Block


Earlier this month, after suffering through a dry spell that had gone on so long I couldn’t even remember how long it’d been since I held a pencil in my hand for more than a minute, I decided to consult the Tarot cards.

My question was simple enough: What do I need to do to get the creative juices flowing again? I decided to use the 5 Pointed Star with Significator spread because it provides clear and practical information.


Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck 5 Pointed Star Tarot Spread 4 of Cups - 0-The Fool - Knight of Wands - Queen of Swords - XIX-The Sun - Page of Swords
5 Pointed Star Tarot Spread: 4 of Cups – 0-The Fool – Knight of Wands – Queen of Swords – XIX-The Sun – Page of Swords

Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck (c) 1985 U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


Significator Card  (Theme): 4 of Cups

Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck 4 of Cups
4 of Cups

The significator card gives information about the theme of the reading. This is important information that should not be ignored and the five cards that make up the actual 5 Pointed Star should be delineated in light of the information contained within the theme.

The theme expressed by 4 of Cups pulls no punches: it bleakly speaks of the devaluation of one’s gifts and talents. It is a card of depression, discontent and self-pity.


The problem isn’t that I’m not talented enough, it’s that I am not recognizing the skills, gifts and talents I’ve been blessed with. I am suffering from a serious lack of gratitude.


Position #1 (Basis, Reason or Cause of the Question): 0-The Fool

Position #2 (Mindset, Motivation, Expectations): Knight of Wands

Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck 0-The Fool
0-The Fool


Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck Knight of Wands
Knight of Wands

If I look at 0-The Fool in light of the theme card, 4 of Cups, I can easily see the reason why I am feeling empty and unfulfilled: I haven’t been valuing my gifts, skills and talents. A quick look at Position #2 (mindset) shows I want to take swift action (Knight of Wands) to reduce or eliminate this feeling of emptiness and lack of progress (0-The Fool).


Position #3 (Additional Information or Comment): Queen of Swords

Position #4 (Answer, Solution, Advice): XIX-The Sun

Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck Queen of Swords
Queen of Swords
Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck XIX-The Sun
XIX-The Sun

Before I discuss what kind of information or comment Queen of Swords may be providing, keep in mind this card is my personal Tarot significator. When it comes up in a spread I cast for myself, it always refers to me and not to some other random logical, loner-type, probably divorced or widowed, sharp-tongued woman who may or may not wear glasses…

I think I have to read Queen of Swords in tandem with Position #4, XIX-The Sun. Those two cards seem to be telling me that whether or not I’m successful (XIX-The Sun) is entirely up to me (Queen of Swords).

Recall the question was: What do I need to do to get the creative juices flowing again? Queen of Swords in the additional information position clearly suggests it is under my control. Maybe I should stop being so judgmental of myself. The suit of swords suggests the problem is likely mental or intellectual. Since thoughts can be changed, perhaps I should consider changing my thoughts, which would ultimately change my results. XIX-The Sun in the answer, solution, advice position confirms success is at hand if that’s what I decide (swords) I want.


Position #5 (Probable Outcome): Page of Swords

Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck Page of Swords
Page of Swords

Here we have a double edged sword (pun intended), for this Page has a tendency not to take himself seriously when perhaps that’s exactly what he should do. I suppose that’s something that can happen frequently when one does not value the skills, gifts and talents (4 of Cups) they inherently possess.

See how all the cards in this spread play together to give a cohesive, empowering and practical answer? Basically, by not valuing my gifts and talents (4 of Cups) and not taking myself seriously (Page of Swords), I’m shooting myself in the foot. In reality, it’s all up to me (Queen of Swords as my personal significator card) and the decisions (swords) I choose or decline to make.

There is nothing “out there” that is preventing me from taking action (Knight of Wands) towards starting anew (0-The Fool) and getting or having what I want (XIX-The Sun).


Mary Hawkins

You Don’t Have to be Psychic to Read Cards

You don’t have to be psychic to learn how to read cards. All it takes is intention, some intuition, and a good dollop of common sense.

If you learned how to read English — which I assume you did if you’re reading this post — you can learn how to read cards. This is because cards, like English (or French or German or any other language), speak in languages that you can learn to read.

Each card system (tarot, Lenormand, playing cards, etc.) has its own language. Just like any language, there may be similarities — and there are sure to be differences.

For example, XVI-The Tower in the tarot does not have the same meaning as 19 Tower in the Lenormand. The former has the connotation of a shock or disruption of some sort, perhaps a crisis point. The latter has many meanings including legal matters, bureaucracy, isolation, ego, and official buildings among other things, and absolutely no connotations of shock, disruption or crisis.


What you need if you want to read cards:

1. Intention

I-The Magician - Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck
I-The Magician – Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck


You have to want to read cards, otherwise, why would you bother? It is not a huge investment of money to pick up a tarot deck at a local bookstore or order one online. Lenormand cards are not particularly pricey and can also be ordered online. A pack of playing cards costs less than $5.00 at big box stores and drugstores. If you don’t already own a deck of tarot, Lenormand or playing cards, decide which card system you want to start with and purchase one deck. If you’re already familiar and comfortable with one or more card systems, consider trying your hand at another.

Here are some deck suggestions to get you started:

Tarot decks:

  • Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck
  • Robin Wood Tarot Deck
  • Universal Waite Tarot Deck
  • Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
  • Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck

Lenormand decks:

  • Piatnik Lenormand Jeu de destin No. 194115
  • Blaue Eule (Blue Owl) Lenormand
  • Mystical Lenormand


2. Intuition

II-The High Priestess - Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck
II-The High Priestess – Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck


Everyone has intuitive capabilities. While some people may be more intuitive than others, every person has the ability to “intuit” to some degree — and the capacity to build their intuitive muscle. The more you learn about how your own particular intuitive abilities work, the better you will be able to work with them. Card reading is a great way to uncover and strengthen your intuitive abilities. When you look at a tarot card, you may find certain symbols in the picture capture your attention. You might ask yourself, “why has that symbol captured my attention?” One thought may lead to another and before you know it, you could be stringing together a meaning and/or a thought might occur to you that summarizes the message the cards seem to be giving you. This is intuition in play. You will develop and/or strengthen it by reading cards on a regular basis.


3. Common Sense

Queen of Pentacles - Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck
Queen of Pentacles – Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck

It helps to have your head set squarely on your shoulders. It doesn’t make any sense to me to get upset, worried or scared outta your mind by a card reading. Come on, people, use your heads. They’re just cards. Cards are rectangular pieces of cardboard with pictures on them. The power is not in the cards. You own the power.


Queen of Swords - Hanson Roberts Tarot Deck
Queen of Swords – Hanson Roberts Tarot Deck


I’ll share more of my approach to card reading in subsequent posts. If there’s something you’d like me to  comment on or discuss in more depth, please let me know.


Mary Hawkins