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Forensic Astrology & Cartomancy: Missing Child Jesse Wilson

Today marks four weeks since a Buckeye AZ mother/ foster mother called the non-emergency line of the Buckeye Police Department in the early morning hours to report that her 10 year old son was missing. As I publish this post, the child, Jesse Wilson, has not returned home and has not been located or recovered.

Once again it appears we have a scenario where a missing child “disappears into nowhere.” Of course we all know that missing persons, whether children or adults, do not simply “disappear into nowhere.”


Missing child Jesse Wilson, age 10, reported missing July 18, 2016 from Buckeye, AZ http://livingwithcards.com
Missing child Jesse Wilson, age 10, reported missing July 18, 2016 from Buckeye, AZ


Below I will walk you through the forensic horary astrology charts I examined in this case, as well as two Lenormand card readings on the subject. Because this is not an astrology blog, I will not overly concentrate on the charts. However, I am going to point out specific pertinent indicators of what I think likely happened and summarize my thoughts in plain English. If you are not astrologically oriented, feel free to skip over the jargon and only read what I highlight in red. Following the astrological findings I will show you Lenormand card spreads which give additional information that may be of interest.

Before I start, please keep in mind I am not a psychic. What I do is attempt to “translate” Star Language (astrology) from a forensic astrological perspective to the best of my abilities. Neither astrology nor card reading are valued by law enforcement and certainly have no standing in a court of law. Regardless, the open-minded among you may appreciate the insights obtained through these unconventional methodologies.

The Facts

At 1:41 a.m. Monday, July 18, 2016, a mother/ foster mother called the non-emergency line of the Buckeye, AZ Police Department to report that her 10 year old son, Jesse Wilson, was missing. News reports later stated she allegedly had last seen her son Sunday evening, July 17, 2016, around 9:30 p.m. in his bedroom, but that information was not contained in the call to police.

The mother’s very first words to the police non-emergency number were not along the lines of “Help, my son is missing,” but rather a cool, calm and collected description of “what happened” and that he’d “done it before”:

Police: Buckeye Police. How can I help you?

Mother/ Foster Mother: Yes. Um, my son has either climbed out the window, which he’s done before, or he has … um, he has gone out the back door, um, the back gate.

During this approximately four minute call, the mother/ foster mother mentions Jesse had “done this before” (run away) five times.

About half-way into the call after (accidentally) giving police her old address, she said “I’m so sorry. I’m so delirious. I’m sorry. … Um, I’m sorry. I gave you my old address. I’m sorry.”

The brain attempts to make excuses for an overwrought parent but here’s what sticks:


  • The mother’s voice is calm, controlled, monotone (dare I suggest “medicated”?) throughout the call with the exception of the “so sorry” outburst after which she immediately resumes her composure
  • The mother does not call 9-1-1 for a missing child but rather, the non-emergency number (what’s with that?)
  • The mother repeats he’s “done it before” (run away) five times
  • The mother is “so sorry, … so delirious, … sorry, … sorry” (three sorries and one delirious)
  • The mother “accidentally” gives police her old address (a clue, perhaps?)
  • The mother sends Jesse’s beloved dog away shortly after he disappears, allegedly because she couldn’t stand being reminded of her “sweet boy”
  • CPS removed the remaining two foster/adopted children from the mother’s home shortly after Jesse’s disappearance

….Just sayin’…..


The Astrology

If your first thought upon seeing this chart is “too much information,” fear not. I have highlighted the take-aways in red in my commentary below the chart.

Jesse Wilson Reported Missing Astrology chart http://livingwithcards.com
Jesse Wilson Reported Missing Astrology chart


Note: No matter how “bad” a missing person chart looks (and this one is “bad”), the missing person cannot be assumed to be in danger or dead unless afflictions to the person’s natal and/or secondary progressed charts are severe. Unfortunately, in this case, there are too many afflictions to Jesse Wilson’s natal and secondary progressed charts for me to be optimistic.


To start out with, there are so many “testimonies” surrounding the ASCENDANT (00:28 Gemini) that I cannot in good conscience ignore them.

  • DEJANIRA – victimhood
  • ADMETOS – endings, removals, detachment
  • ALCYONE – “something to cry about”
  • CIRCE, AMOR square PALLAS, NESSUS and trine SADO – conditions put on love, necessity of pleasing someone to gain acceptance, ill treatment/ abuse

This grouping tells me something very bad/ something to cry about (ALCYONE) has occurred. There was an ending, removal or detachment (ADMETOS). Someone was a victim/ was victimized (DEJANIRA). Someone was only loved if he fulfilled expectations/ conditions, otherwise he was treated sadistically/ abused (CIRCE, AMOR, PALLAS, NESSUS, SADO).

Notice that Asteroid LIE, located in the 1st House is square Asteroid JESSIE (ironically located in the 5th House of Children). This strongly suggests to me that Mama is spinning a tale about the circumstances surrounding Jesse’s disappearance. ARACHNE, the spider’s web (lies, intrigue) symbolizing entrapment and complications, is in the 4th House (the home) trine the MOON, suggesting Jesse may have been or felt trapped or cornered by Mama.

I could not find an asteroid that matched Mama’s name exactly, but the closest match, CRYSTALPOOLE at 10:58 Sagittarius, is conjunct SATURN and inconjunct the Arabic Part of Death. Read the sentence: Mama (CRYSTALPOOLE) + “discipline” (SATURN) gone awry (inconjunct) = death (Part of Death).

Remember that big glob of asteroids, etc., conjunct the ASCENDANT I pointed out in the bullet list above? That entire grouping is dead square Jesse Wilson’s Secondary Progressed MOON (00:49 Pisces based on his symbolic SUN on ASCENDANT relocated natal chart). This is a strong death indicator, and most unfortunately, only one of many… along with several other indicators of mother-involvement.

Major Astrological Indicators of Danger and/or Death
  • SUN in critical degree (26 cardinal) in the 3rd House of Siblings – a crisis situation – possibly witnessed in full or in part by siblings and/or siblings could provide valuable information regarding what happened and/or dynamics of relationship between Jesse and Mama
  • MOON in 8th House of Death of the Reported Missing Chart applying conjunct PLUTO (a death indicator) and conjunct JESSE WILSON’s natal SUN/MOON midpoint – extremely strong death testimony
  • Lord 8 of Death JUPITER in the 5th House of Children trine the Arabic Part of Death in the turned 8th House of Death of the 5th House Child (radix 12th House) – indicative of a child’s probable death, should other “testimonies” support such a conclusion
  • the astrological sign Taurus is intercepted in the turned 8th House of Death of the 5th House Child (radix 12th House), making VENUS one of the house rulers. In this chart we see that MERCURY, symbolizing JESSE as Lord 5 the Child has just separated from VENUS, co-ruler of the turned 8th House of Death. This suggests that Jesse may have already been dead when Mama made her phone call
  • Jesse’s natal SUN 25:49 Pisces is exactly conjunct the Reported Missing CHIRON RXextremely strong indicator of harm (at best) and/or death (at worst)… (Chiron is a death indicator in Missing Person charts) close opposite Emerson’s Point of Death making this entire configuration an extremely strong testimony for death
  • Jesse’s Secondary Progressed SUN 06:05 Aries exactly square the Reported Missing MOON 06:57 Capricorn in the 8th House of Death – extremely strong indicator of death
  • Jesse’s natal Part of Death (18:11 Aries based on the symbolic SUN on ASCENDANT relocated natal chart) is close conjunct the turned 8th House of Death of the 5th House Child (radix 12th House) cusp – extremely strong significator of death
  • The Arabic Part of Fatality 14:38 Libra in the Reported Missing Chart is conjunct Jesse’s natal MOON  (13:12 Libra, based on the symbolic SUN on ASCENDANT relocated natal chart**) — extremely strong indicator of death [Note: 13 Libra is a critical degree, i.e. “crisis” degree.]


**Because I only have Jesse’s date of birth and not his time and place of birth, I am forced to construct a symbolic natal chart which places his SUN on the ASCENDANT at the coordinates of the last seen/ reported missing location. In reality, Jesse’s natal MOON could be anywhere from 09-21 degrees Libra, depending on his actual time and location of birth. Regardless, I have repeatedly found the “testimonies” contained in symbolic natal charts cannot be ignored despite the fact that the MOON, house cusps and Arabic Parts degrees are “wrong.”


There are other indicators in this chart (along with supporting indicators in other, supplemental, charts I’ve examined) that have led me to my conclusions, but I think I’ve provided enough information for you to see where I’m going (or have gone) with this.

One last thing from the astrological perspective: if Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson‘s method of locating the Missing Person works in this case (and I’ve only had spotty success using her methodology), Jesse may possibly be found approximately 4.8 miles  NNE or conversely, SSW, from his home, possibly in a hot, dry place and/or near a place of entertainment, parks, playgrounds, the front yard, “the parking strip that is decoratively planted to enhance the appearance of the property or street,” forests, reservations, jungles, animal preserves, lairs, dens, deserts, places that are high, rocky, steep or hard to reach, forts and natural sites serving as fortresses (see Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson ‘Simplified Horary Astrology’ link below this post).

Now… let’s get on to the card draws…


The Cartomancy

I cast the first card draw using the Piatnik Lenormand card deck on July 30, 2016, after having close to two full weeks to “absorb” and percolate on the charts’ testimonies. My question to the Lenormand cards was to the point: Jesse Wilson, 10 years old, missing from Buckeye, AZ since 7/17/2016, dead or alive?

Q: Jesse Wilson Dead or Alive?
Forensic Cartomancy Lenormand card reading: Jesse Wilson Dead or Alive? 35 Anchor - 8 Coffin - 14 Fox - 30 Lilies - 7 Snake - 10 Scythe http://livingwithcards.com
Forensic Cartomancy Lenormand card reading: Jesse Wilson Dead or Alive? 35 Anchor – 8 Coffin – 14 Fox – 30 Lilies – 7 Snake – 10 Scythe

Mlle Lenormand Cartomancy Deck of 36 Cards

Here we have an end to a lifestyle (ANCHOR + COFFIN), danger ahead/ trouble ahead/ a woman brings trouble (ANCHOR, SNAKE); an older woman complicates matters (LILIES + SNAKE). Lies, something is wrong (FOX). Dead, death (COFFIN + LILIES). Wrongful death (COFFIN + FOX + LILIES). Accidental death (SCYTHE).

I added up the numerical values of the cards: 35 + 8 + 14 + 30 + 7 + 10 = 104 = 1 + 0 + 4 = 5 = 5 TREE. I then searched out 5 TREE in the remaining deck and selected it along with a few cards before and after. The cards painted a grim picture:

Forensic Cartomancy Lenormand card reading on missing child Jesse Wilson, Buckeye AZ: 11 Whip - 18 Dog - 12 Birds - 15 Bear http://livingwithcards.com
Forensic Cartomancy Lenormand card reading on missing child Jesse Wilson, Buckeye AZ: 11 Whip – 18 Dog – 12 Birds – 15 Bear

Mlle Lenormand Cartomancy Deck of 36 Cards

WHIP + DOG + BIRDS + BEAR: Abuse (WHIP). Mama (BEAR) whips/ abuses (WHIP) kids: Jesse (DOG) and twin, siblings (BIRDS).


1 RIDER shows new information forthcoming.

Forensic Cartomancy Lenormand card reading, missing child Jesse Wilson: 1 Rider http://livingwithcards.com
Forensic Cartomancy Lenormand card reading on missing child Jesse Wilson, Buckeye AZ: 1 Rider

Mlle Lenormand Cartomancy Deck of 36 Cards

The new information (RIDER) was released by the media on August 12, 2016, thirteen days after this card draw:

Several neighbors tell ABC15 Jesse Wilson and his siblings were locked out of the house sometimes after school. Jesse would knock on the neighbors’ doors asking for a snack and drinks.

According to this news report, the unsupervised lock-outs happened several times while the family was living in Avondale AZ, before moving to Buckeye. One time, neighbors found the children in the garage, sweating and hungry. When confronted as to why the children were locked out of the house in the sweltering Arizona heat, Mama claimed that she was having trouble securing child care while she worked. [See this link for the news story.]



Forensic Cartomancy Lenormand card reading on missing child Jesse Wilson, Buckeye AZ: 5 Tree - 23 Mice - 6 Clouds http://livingwithcards.com
Forensic Cartomancy Lenormand card reading on missing child Jesse Wilson, Buckeye AZ: 5 Tree – 23 Mice – 6 Clouds

Mlle Lenormand Cartomancy Deck of 36 Cards

This combination shows deteriorated, unhealthy, destructive, disturbing and unstable family relations and suggests possible unstable mental health and/or drug/alcohol issues as factors in Jesse’s disappearance.


I couldn’t let it alone. The next day (July 31, 2016) I asked another question, this time using Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand card deck:

Q: What Else Should We Consider (concerning Jesse Wilson)?

Forensic Cartomancy Lenormand card reading on missing child Jesse Wilson, Buckeye AZ: 26 Book - 10 Scythe - 7 Snake - 11 Whip - 27 Letter - 36 Cross http://livingwithcards.com
Forensic Cartomancy Lenormand card reading on missing child Jesse Wilson, Buckeye AZ: 26 Book – 10 Scythe – 7 Snake – 11 Whip – 27 Letter – 36 Cross

Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand

The combination suggests an unknown or secret or hidden accident (BOOK + SCYTHE) caused by abuse (WHIP) resulting in complications leading to death (SNAKE + CROSS).

BOOK + SCYTHE could be a medical examiner according to Sylvie Steinbach. LETTER could be his or her report. Assuming authorities actually find/recover Jesse Wilson, perhaps this information will be made public at some future point.

I drew the above cards two weeks after Jesse’s disappearance. Now, as I publish this post, four weeks have already passed. Should Jesse be recovered, I doubt the M.E. will have much to work with, given Arizona’s brutal heat. Because of this, the medical examiner’s report regarding cause of death may turn out to be “unknown causes.”


Jesse Wilson, age 10, allegedly disappeared from his Buckeye, AZ bedroom sometime between 9:30 p.m. Sunday, July 17, 2016 and 1:41 a.m. Monday, July 18, 2016 according to his mother/ foster mother who reported him missing.

The mother/ foster mother made every effort to cast him as a runaway.

The mother gave his beloved dog away within days of his disappearance.

The remaining siblings (including a twin) were removed from the home by Child Protective Services.

The Buckeye Police are still searching for Jesse and have not ruled out foul play.

No one has been charged.


The forensic horary astrology chart featured above, along with  supplemental charts I have not shown in this post, strongly suggest that Jesse Wilson is no longer with us. Abuse markers are prevalent.

The Lenormand card readings concur, and bring further attention to probable abuse and possible drug or alcohol issues factoring in to whatever really occurred in the hours leading up to the call to police.

Both methodologies implicate the mother/ foster mother in some way, shape or form, something I’m sure the Buckeye Police and the F.B.I. have had on their radar screen since Day 1.

You may have gathered from the length of this post that the circumstances surrounding Jesse Wilson’s mysterious disappearance have disturbed me greatly, and you’d be correct in your assumption. I’ve been examining missing persons cases from a forensic astrological perspective for some 20 years now and it never gets any easier.


Mary Hawkins

Forensic Cartomancy: Lenormand Cards Discuss Missing Child Diana Alvarez

Here’s a question for you. If you pulled some Lenormand cards to find out whether a missing child was dead or alive and got DOG + BOOK + SCYTHE + CHILD + GARDEN + BIRDS, would you say that child was dead or alive?

I say ‘dead’ and will explain why and how I came to that conclusion further down in this post. But first, I’d like to discuss factors leading up to that particularly grim determination.




According to news and media reports, Diana Alvarez, a nine year old Fort Myers, Florida child, was discovered missing from her home around 7:00 am on Sunday, May 29, 2016. Over the next several days it became sickeningly clear that a 28 year old male with the initials JG* likely was responsible for the child’s disappearance.

Diana Alvarez, age 9, discovered missing from Fort Myers, FL 5/29/2016, missing child, http://livingwithcards.com
Diana Alvarez, age 9, discovered missing from Fort Myers, FL 5/29/2016


*JG had been a tenant at the family’s home, living there and paying rent. When family members noticed that JG appeared to be inappropriately interested in Diana and Diana appeared to be smitten by his attention, they insisted JG move out. This occurred in early May, shortly before the little girl disappeared.


As I write this post, the suspect JG is in custody, charged with possession of child pornography. He has not claimed responsibility for the disappearance of Diana Alvarez and has since “lawyered up.” The child is still missing.

The Astrology

I have mentioned before, in this post and this one, that I primarily use forensic horary astrology techniques to discover what has happened in missing persons cases.

Because this is a cartomancy blog and not an astrology blog, I will not go into the blow-by-blow details that I was able to pull from careful analysis of the pertinent charts, other than to say there were numerous indications of kidnap, rape and murder, along with disturbing indications of extreme violence. If you are astrologically oriented, you can get the general idea from my scribbled notes on the “Discovered Missing” chart below.

Forensic horary astrology chart: Diana Alvarez Discovered Missing http://livingwithcards.com
Forensic horary astrology chart: Diana Alvarez Discovered Missing


Sickening, at best.

Based on past experience, it occurred to me that perhaps the Lenormand cards could shed more light on the matter. While the astrology was certainly clear enough, I’ve found the cards can often add another layer that is helpful to understanding the dynamics surrounding these tragic cases.

First I pulled a Lenormand Square of 9 to get the general “lay of the land,” so to speak.

Lenormand Square of 9: Circumstances Surrounding Diana Alvarez Disappearance

Lenormand Square of 9: 3 Ship - 26 Book - 9 Bouquet - 18 Dog - 22 Crossroads - 7 Snake - 13 Child - 24 Heart - 15 Bear http://livingwithcards.com
Lenormand Square of 9: 3 Ship – 26 Book – 9 Bouquet – 18 Dog – 22 Crossroads – 7 Snake – 13 Child – 24 Heart – 15 Bear

Mlle Lenormand Cartomancy Deck of 36 Cards


Note: None of these cards were preselected.

Diana is 13 Child, JG is 18 Dog. We can easily see they went on a road trip (SHIP + ROADS) that ended badly (SHIP + ROADS + SNAKE). Diana has a crush on JG (DOG + HEART), but JG has told her they have to keep it a secret (BOOK + HEART) from Mama and/or Papa (BEAR). JG gives Diana gifts (BOUQUET) or perhaps promises (HEART) to give them. Diana trusts JG (DOG).

22 Crossroads with 3 Ship + 26 Book suggests a “secret journey.” She should expect something wonderful and pleasant (BOUQUET). Perhaps the roads they traveled were wind-y,  or full of curves, or a round-about route (ROADS + SNAKE). Perhaps a bear or two (BEAR) had been spotted there. Maybe he told her they were going to stop to see the bears (BEAR) on their way to the “big surprise” (BOUQUET) he had for her.

She was so incredibly trusting (CHILD + HEART). Most nine year olds are.



While the Lenormand Square of 9 was descriptive enough, it did not seem to address the critical question. So, taking a breath, I thoroughly re-mixed the cards and asked:

Q: Diana Alvarez Dead or Alive?

Lenormand Line of 5 with Base Card: 18 Dog - 26 Book - 10 Scythe - 13 Child - 20 Garden - 12 Birds http://livingwithcards.com
Lenormand Line of 5 with Base Card: 18 Dog – 26 Book – 10 Scythe – 13 Child – 20 Garden – 12 Birds

Mlle Lenormand Cartomancy Deck of 36 Cards

Following my normal procedure, I selected the base card (bottom card of the shuffled deck), placing it directly below the central (hinge) card of the Lenormand Line of 5. I have repeatedly found this extra card adds value to the reading, either by modifying one or more of the three cards above it, supplying additional information or clarification, and/or by pointing out a factor that should be considered.

DOG, BOOK and CHILD once again appeared in this second card draw. The repetition of cards in spite of vigorous shuffling and re-mixing in between draws did not go unnoticed. JG is the DOG (trusted friend, loved one, typically male); Diana is the CHILD and the BOOK is the secret between them.

The Line of 5 is quite straightforward. It suggests that the secret friend (DOG + BOOK) “cut” her down/ committed a violent act against her (SCYTHE + CHILD), then buried or placed her in a lushly vegetated area such as a park or nature preserve (GARDEN).

As a modifier to SCYTHE, BIRDS (associated with the throat and/or vocal chords) suggests “air.” Combining the base card with the hinge cardSCYTHE can be a “cut” or an “interruption” and BIRDS breathing and/or the breathing process (air). Did JG “cut” (SCYTHE) her throat (BIRDS)? Did he “interrupt” or “cut off” (SCYTHE) her airways (BIRDS)?  …. In other words, did he strangle or suffocate her so she wouldn’t (couldn’t) “talk” (SCYTHE + BIRDS)?


The forensic horary astrology charts suggest that Diana Alvarez is no longer with us. The Lenormand cards appear to agree. Both approaches suggest strangulation/ asphyxiation (with possible testimonies for slashing of the throat) as cause of death.

The Lenormand cards suggest Diana may be found in a garden, park, nature preserve or other area where there is lush vegetation (GARDEN). With BIRDS as the base card in the Line of 5, perhaps the authorities will have some success getting the perp to “talk.”

We can only hope…


Mary Hawkins

Note regarding my process: I will only examine a Missing Persons case when I have a reasonable understanding of the circumstances surrounding the disappearance, a reliable timeline including the date, time and place the person was either discovered missing and/or reported missing to police, and the victim’s birth data. The birth data of the perpetrator/ prime suspect is helpful as well. I prefer to work with current cases.

Unlike psychics (no disrespect intended), I do not base my findings on dreams or visions, nor do I pull information out of the ethers (or my butt, depending on your level of skepticism). Rather, I read the ‘star language‘ contained in the forensic astrology charts that I examine and interpret it to the best of my ability.

The first step (after familiarizing myself with a case) is always the casting and examination of the relevant astrology chart(s), which are carefully compared to the victim’s natal chart before drawing any conclusions. Once that’s done, I may or may not throw a card spread or two to gain additional information, as I did here. Yes, intuition is involved. So is common sense. Everybody has both of these faculties to some degree or another.