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Forensic Astrology: Chart of a Pedophile

Earlier today an Indianapolis Federal Court judge sentenced former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle to 15 years 8 months in prison for child pornography and having sex with underage prostitutes.

A psychiatrist who conducted an assessment of Fogle prior to his plea agreement determined that Fogle suffers from “hypersexuality, mild pedophilia and alcohol abuse and dependency.” Fogle had “a fairly extensive history” of visiting prostitutes and had admitted to spending approximately $12,000/year for sex. He admitted to engaging in sex with minors and having a sexual interest in teenagers. He had an extensive pornography collection, an interest which started in college.

Fogle, age 38, apparently had a compulsive eating disorder before he lost the weight that resulted in his becoming the Subway spokesperson. Fogle blamed his hypersexuality on losing weight, because (according to the psychiatrist’s testimony) it “seemed to develop shortly after he shed the extra pounds.”

Jared Fogle, sentenced to 15 years 8 months for sex crimes against children http://livingwithcards.com
Jared Fogle, sentenced to 15 years 8 months for child pornography and having sex with underage prostitutes


After reading a couple online news stories, my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to cast Fogle’s natal astrology chart. I’ve included it here in case you’d like to take a look.

Jared Fogle Natal Astrology Chart (SUN on ASCENDANT) http://livingwithcards.com
Jared Fogle Natal Astrology Chart (SUN on ASCENDANT)


Note: This is not the true birth chart of Jared Fogle, as I do not have his time of birth. I have cast the chart with SUN on the ASCENDANT, which I have repeatedly found to reveal pertinent information for the purposes of forensic astrology, even though the ASCENDANT, MOON and Arabic Parts positions cannot be considered “accurate.”


I will just make a few observations, since this is, for the most part, a cartomancy blog, not an astrology blog.

  1. Fogle’s SUN/MOON midpoint (the essence of who he is) is conjunct CERES (food/ appetite) and the Arabic Part of Children. This entire configuration is squared (challenging aspect) by VENUS (what we attract/ what we are attracted to). Ergo, Mr. Fogle’s chart clearly shows he is attracted to both food and children and he doesn’t quite know how to manage either (square).
  2. The VENUS/URANUS midpoint (“strange” attraction, one of the main signatures of a pedophile) at 16 Virgo is near his MERCURY (thinking, thinking process, mindset) and trine (easy aspect) the Arabic Part of Perversion 16 Taurus. It is easy (trine) for him to entertain strange, perverted thoughts (VENUS/URANUS conjunct MERCURY trine Part of Perversion).
  3. Notice EROS, the Asteroid of sex, close to the MOON** at 19 Sagittarius. EROS is sexualizing the MOON which itself is near NEPTUNE, planet of illusions, delusions and fantasies. Moreover, NEPTUNE-MOON-EROS are opposed MARS (sex, sex drive) and JUPITER (expansion, excess), and both ends of the opposition are square MERCURY (thinking). So we’ve got someone who fantasizes (NEPTUNE), and thinks about (MERCURY), and gets emotionally worked up over (MOON) sex (EROS, MARS) and that’s almost all he can think about (because JUPITER is making it all larger than life) and it’s a huge problem, something he has a hard time controlling (square, opposition).
  4. We have JUPITER (excess) parallel and conjunct MARS (sex, sex drive) in a difficult aspect to URANUS (aberrations, abnormalities). This shows it’s very hard (and perhaps improbable) for Fogle to control his unusual (URANUS) appetites/ sex drive  (especially when you factor in the opposition of MARS + JUPITER to MOON-NEPTUNE-EROS discussed in Point 3 above).
  5. Fogle’s ability to discipline himself is shown by SATURN, 21:41 Leo in the 12th House of Self-Undoing. SATURN is in a critical degree (21 Fixed) — a crisis waiting to happen– and in detriment (in the house opposite the house it rules) in Leo, the sign on the 5th House of Children in the natural wheel. SATURN is quindecile (an obsession, compulsion aspect) the URANUS/CHIRON midpoint (aberrations, abnormalities [that cause] wounding). He is constantly fighting the “urges” [to act in aberrant ways against children] but it’s a losing battle because his discipline (SATURN) is so weak it might as well be nonexistent. (Case in point: Fogle blames his hypersexuality on his weight loss. Really?!)


There is a saying: Once a pedophile, always a pedophile.

I agree.

After even just this brief examination of Mr. Fogle’s natal astrology chart, you could not convince me in a million years that he will ever be free of his compulsions, whether for food or for children.

No matter how many years he spends in jail, no matter how many counseling sessions he attends, he will not be “cured” or “reformed” or be able to “self-manage.” His natal astrology chart all but guarantees that.

Which leads me to the unpleasant conclusion that even if Mr. Fogle serves his full 15 year 8 month sentence (doubtful), once free, his old demons will once again arise. And, even more unpleasantly, he will still be young enough to engage in the activities that sent him to prison in the first place.


Mary Hawkins


  1. **The MOON’s exact position depends on the actual time of birth, so 19 Sagittarius is not necessary accurate. Despite this, the MOON would be in Sagittarius (15 – 29 degrees) and thus oppose MARS-JUPITER and square MERCURY by sign if not degree, no matter what time Fogle was born on that particular date and location.
  2. Not indicated on the chart, Fogle’s natal SUN at 00:12 Virgo is conjunct the Fixed Star Regulus. Very often people with this configuration will rise to power / come before the public eye/ make good in the world and then fall from grace. That certainly happened in this case. Also ALGOL, a particularly malefic (evil) Fixed Star that is associated with “losing one’s head, either literally or figuratively,” is placed on the sunrise chart’s MIDHEAVEN (what comes before the public eye). Possibly due to his weak, ineffective SATURN (discipline), Fogle couldn’t get a handle on controlling his sexual desires (in a sense, “losing his head” over them) and this all came to the public’s attention in a most humiliating way.