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Lenormand Cards Address Money Question: Sun, Whip, Lilies, Clouds

A female querent recently deposited a significant (to her) amount of money into a money market account and wanted to know “Will the money grow?” Basically, she wondered whether she’d be able to leave it be, gathering interest, or whether she would have to begin withdrawing amounts here and there, sadly watching it dwindle away.

I decided to draw three Lenormand cards plus a clarification card to address her issue. Prior to selecting the cards, I mentally superimposed 15 Bear on the central card position, since 15 Bear represents financial resources and investments. That way, whatever card appears in the central position is located in the House of the Bear, and its meaning is combined with the meaning of 15 Bear.

I drew:

31 Sun - 11 Whip - 30 Lilies - 6 Clouds
31 Sun – 11 Whip – 30 Lilies – 6 Clouds

Mystical Lenormand (c) 2005, 2007 – AGM-Muller


The cards suggested there could be financial gain (Sun) through repetitive deposits or regular monthly interest (Whip, in the House of 15 Bear) to the account, resulting in a slow build-up (Lilies) of money. Whip + Clouds, however, raised a red flag that the querent may lack a certain sense of direction. 6 Clouds by itself as clarification or additional information suggested the outcome may be changeable or unpredictable.


Notice that if you add the numerical values of the chosen Lenormand Cards, 31 + 11 + 30 + 6, you get 78 = 7 + 8 = 15 which equals 15 Bear — the subject of this reading and the card that was mentally superimposed upon the central card (Whip) of the 3 card draw.  This gives more weight to the necessity of regular deposits to the account and/or monthly interest to produce the outcome the querent desires.


I told the querent I was  concerned about the lack of direction and/or uncertainty indicated by the clarification card, 6 Clouds. It seemed to me that the money could grow slowly, either through regular deposits to the account and/or repeated monthly interest (Sun + Whip + Lilies), but that she hadn’t made a firm decision yet (Clouds) as to whether she would begin withdrawing from the account before it had a chance to grow. I suggested she might want to focus on finding ways to prevent withdrawal from happening, assuming her prevailing desire was to have the funds grow.

The querent agreed the cards mirrored her situation quite accurately, as at the present time, she was uncertain (Clouds) as to whether she could continue to fund the account or if she was going to have to begin withdrawing from it.


Mary Hawkins

Lenormand Cards Discuss a Book: Snake, Lilies, Book, Whip, Scythe, Paths

When I throw cards for my daily draw, I usually just ask for a heads-up on how my day will go. This morning, however, I had an exact question.

There is a book I want to purchase. Yesterday I went online and discovered this particular book would take two to three weeks to ship. I didn’t want to wait that long, so I thought maybe I would check out the local Barnes & Noble and get the book there. As it turned out, schedule conflicts interfered and I never made it to the store. So this morning, I asked the cards if the book I wanted would be available at the bookstore.

I decided to use the Mystical Lenormand deck and I energetically charged 26 Book while shuffling the cards. After finding that card in the deck, I chose the two cards preceding and following it to complete my draw. As usual, I also pulled the base card (bottom card of the deck) for additional information.

Here’s what I got:

7 Snake - 30 Lilies - 26 Book - 11 Whip - 10 Scythe - 22 Paths
7 Snake – 30 Lilies – 26 Book – 11 Whip – 10 Scythe – 22 Paths

Mystical Lenormand (c) 2005, 2007 – AGM-Muller


The cards described the situation — and the book — perfectly. The reason I asked the question was because I considered the long delivery time (Lilies) had I ordered the book online yesterday as planned problematic (Snake). The Line of 5 went on to show that the book (Book) concerns the termination/ cancellation/ elimination (Scythe) of sex/ sexual (Whip) hormones.

As I considered the cards, I further realized that 7 Snake + 30 Lilies could be indicating an aging problem — likely about females since Snake can indicate an older woman — due to termination/ cancellation/ elimination (Scythe) of sexual (Whip) hormones.

I was amazed at how accurately the Lenormand cards described the book, which is about managing and naturally restoring the loss of female hormones experienced after menopause through the use of topical bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

22 Paths as the base card suggested that since Barnes & Noble was only a short jaunt from my house, why not take a ride and find out if the book I’m looking for is there?

Seeing 10 Scythe as the last card in the Line of 5 felt confusing. I wasn’t sure if Scythe was indicating a “harvest,” and that yes, the book would be in stock, or if it meant the book had been “cut” from the inventory. I’ll have my answer later today and will update this post.


Mary Hawkins

UPDATE:  My local bookstore did not have the book I want in stock, confirming the Scythe’s traditional (negative) meaning of a cutting or elimination.

All was not lost, however. I was able to put the book on order at the same price I could have gotten it for online, with delivery promised within five to seven days and no shipping costs!

So, as a card giving clarification or additional information, perhaps 22 Paths was also indicating that an alternative route/ direction to getting the book I desired was available.

Lenormand Daily Draw: Snake, Garden, Key, Sun, Dog, Lilies

Unlike Tarot, Lenormand is a literal, not symbolic, cartomancy system. Sometimes a dog is just a dog, as shown in today’s daily draw:


7 Snake - 20 Garden - 33 Key - 31 Sun - 18 Dog - 30 Lilies
7 Snake – 20 Garden – 33 Key – 31 Sun – 18 Dog – 30 Lilies

Mlle. Lenormand Jeu de destin No. 194115 (c) 1986 Piatnik


My usual morning routine consists of asking my cards to show me something that will happen, or something I need to know.  Today’s cards suggested some type of problem (Snake), possibly a publicity problem (Garden), that would have an effective resolution (Key + Sun). Key plus the base card Lilies suggested the solution (Key) would be long-lasting (Lilies). Since Dog often represents my son, I thought maybe he would have something to do with the effective resolution of the problem.

What Actually Happened:

Mid-morning or so, my son (Dog) poked his head into my computer room to tell me that a runaway dog (Snake + Dog = dog problem; problem involving a dog) had been captured in our back yard (Garden)! Apparently the dog had gotten loose somewhere in an adjacent neighborhood and a concerned citizen took it upon herself to follow the dog as it zig-zagged across streets and yards. She also called the police, who sent out someone from animal control.

Eventually, the dog, the woman and the animal control guy all wound up in my back yard, where the animal control guy (an older (Lilies) man), successfully apprehended the dog without further incident (Key + Sun).


Mary Hawkins

Lenormand Cards Confirm Death of a Pet

This is an entry from my daily journal:


On August 3, 2013, I asked the Lenormand cards,

‘What is in my immediate future – the next 35 days or so?’

I pulled:

30 Lilies - 8 Coffin - 3 Ship - 18 Dog - 13 Child - 2 Clover
30 Lilies – 8 Coffin – 3 Ship – 18 Dog – 13 Child – 2 Clover

Mlle. Lenormand Jeu de destin No. 194115 (c) 1986 Piatnik


Here’s how I interpreted the cards:

Death of a pet. My dear kitty Sasha is on her way out. Dog + Child = puppy, small pet. (Dog can refer to pets in general, including cats.)

She’s old (Lilies), small (Child), a pet (Dog), and she’s on her way out (Coffin + Ship).

Clover indicates 2 months / 2 weeks / 2 days.


What Actually Happened:

My sweet, little 18 year old kitty, Sasha, had been losing weight over the summer at an alarming rate, and I was just beginning to realize she’d lost her hearing as well. I knew something was up. Despite the cards I had drawn, I remained in denial. I wasn’t ready to let her go.

Sasha took a turn for the worse approximately two weeks (Clover) after the date of the draw. The week of 8/19 was very bad. By Sunday, 8/25, it was certain she was dying. On Monday, 8/26, I called a local vet and arranged to bring her in for euthanasia. Sasha was given a lethal injection at 10:45 am on Monday, 8/26/2013.


Sasha Michelle Kitty 1995 - 2013
Sasha Michelle Kitty
1995 – 2013


I cried all day.

All week.

On and off through September, and into October…

Approximately two months later (Clover), Charlie and Midnight came into my home and my life.


Charlie & Midnight
Charlie & Midnight


Charlie and Midnight are Rescue Kitties, abandoned when their family pulled up stakes and left town. Charlie, the orange guy, is about 3 or 4 years old and as friendly and cuddly and playful as can be. Midnight, an older, toothless gent of about 7, purrs up a storm, eats like there’s no tomorrow, and wakes me up every morning by poking his paw in my face . I still miss my sweet Sasha, and always will, but I’ve grown to love my new Kitty Boys.


Mary Hawkins

Lenormand Week Ahead Draw: Clouds, Woman, Key, Lilies, Mice, Park

A look at the week ahead:


6 Clouds - 29 Woman - 33 Key - 30 Lilies - 23 Mice - 20 Park
6 Clouds – 29 Woman – 33 Key – 30 Lilies – 23 Mice – 20 Park

Blaue Eule (Blue Owl) Lenormand (c) 2008 Konigsfurt-Urania



This seems to be about my fragile, little, 95 year old mother, confused, depressed, locked away in a nursing home.

She’s old. (Woman + Lilies)

She’s confused (dementia) and it won’t be getting better. (Clouds + Woman, Clouds + Mice)

She’s locked away (Key) in a nursing home. (Park + Lilies)

* * * * * * * * * *

Mice “eat” the cards to their left, neutralizing the effect of some of the more challenging cards, but according to Mama Whodun, Clouds + Mice is a combination that makes a bad situation worse.

 * * * * * * * * * *


Her situation breaks my heart. A compassionate, loving daughter would go visit her.


Mary Hawkins