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Lenormand Cards Advice on How an Evening of Mediumship Will Go

Dermyg, a reader of this blog, has scheduled an evening of mediumship this coming Thursday and wants to know how it might go.

Mediumship, clairvoyancy,  divination, and “conversations with the Other Side” are represented by 12 Birds, so I energetically charged that card as I shuffled and asked for information. When the shuffle was complete, I found 12 Birds in the deck and selected the card to its left (3 Ship) and the card to its right (16 Stars).


3 Ship - 12 Birds - 16 Stars - 31 Sun
3 Ship – 12 Birds – 16 Stars – 31 Sun

Mlle. Lenormand Jeu de destin No. 194115 (c) 1986 Piatnik


The three cards selected suggest that the evening of mediumship will bring communication/messages (Birds) from afar (Ship). Stars in the third position suggests the evening will go quite well (hopes fulfilled) and/or the information/ communications (Birds) provided from a long distance away (the Other Side?) (Ship) would be “guided from above.” (Stars).

Instead of using the base card (bottom card of the shuffled deck) for further information, I decided to count the numerical values on the three cards. 3 + 12 + 16 = 31 = 31 Sun, which confirms that Dermyg’s evening of mediumship will be a successful (Sun) event and that his messages from beyond will be well received.

Perhaps, if he finds his way back to this site, Dermyg can let us know how the evening went.


Mary Hawkins