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Reversed Lenormand Cards: What Do They Mean? 31 Sun, 10 Scythe, 33 Key, 26 Book, 11 Whip, 17 Storks

Unlike Tarot cards, Lenormand cards are not meant to be read in the reversed position. You are supposed to make sure all the cards in your deck face one way before you shuffle and draw. If despite this, one or more cards show up in the reversed position, you are supposed to disregard this and read the card(s) in the upright position.

At the risk of horrifying the Lenormand experts, I have actually found the information gained from analyzing reversed Lenormand cards to be amazingly useful. I’ll show you why in a minute…

As I’ve probably mentioned before, I like to use the Lenormand cards when I need or want a “second opinion.” Unlike a friend, family member or co-worker, the Lenormand cards have no hidden agenda or bias concerning their answer. They won’t try to spare your feelings. If they “tell” you your idea/ decision/ direction/ plan is unrealistic or ill-advised, they’ll almost always tell you why. And in my experience, they will almost always be spot on.

A couple days ago, I asked the Lenormand cards for insight on how to get started with some ideas I had. I wanted to know specifically how I could put my ideas into action. I drew the following cards:

Q: How Can I Get Started?

Piatnik Lenormand 31 Sun - 10 Scythe Rx - 33 Key - 26 Book Rx - 11 Whip - 17 Storks Rx
31 Sun – 10 Scythe Rx – 33 Key – 26 Book Rx – 11 Whip – 17 Storks Rx

Piatnik Jeu du destin Mlle Lenormand Cartomancy Deck of 36 Cards

I was surprised to see the reversed cards. I always mix my cards a certain way and they rarely change direction. My first impulse was to read the reversals but knowing “the rule,” I decided to begin by reading the cards straight as if they were all upright.

Sun + Scythe suggested positive decisions leading to success (Key) and improved circumstances (Stork). Book + Whip suggested repetitive projects, or “whipping out projects,” one after the other. So the cards (read as if they were all upright) seemed to be saying that I should begin by making positive decisions and whipping out my projects one after the other to achieve success and a positive change in circumstances.

But that interpretation left me a little flat.

I kept staring at those three reversed cards and suddenly it hit me. The reversed cards were highlighting the facts that I was not making decisions, let along good ones (reversed ScytheSun), and that I was not cranking out projects one after the other (reversed BookWhip). And as long as I was not making positive decisions nor cranking out projects, I would not achieve a successful change of circumstances (Key + reversed Storks).

The reversed Lenormand cards clearly revealed what I needed to do in a way I might have missed had all the cards been in their upright positions.

Once again, I couldn’t help but shake my head in amazement at how helpful (not to mention literal) Lenormand cards can be.


Mary Hawkins


Lenormand Relationship Advice: Online Dating?


A divorced female who’s been out of the dating scene for a few years is being nagged by her adult children to sign up for an online dating service.

She’s been resisting the idea but admits it sounds intriguing. Can the cards tell her if this is a good idea for her or not?

Lenormand Advice Relationship Issue: Online Dating? http://livingwithcards.com
Lenormand Advice Relationship Issue: Online Dating?


Since there are few decisions or choices in life that are irreversible, as I mixed the cards, I certainly wasn’t anticipating the answer would be particularly negative.

On the contrary, after turning over the first four cards in a Line of 5 layout, the commentary seemed quite positive.

The fifth card, 36 Cross, however, brought my thought process to a screeching halt, and the base card, 11 Whip, offered no comfort.


Lenormand Cards Piatnik 27 Letter - 20 Garden - 24 Heart - 35 Anchor - 36 Cross - 11 Whip http://livingwithcards.com
27 Letter – 20 Garden – 24 Heart – 35 Anchor – 36 Cross – 11 Whip

Mlle. Lenormand Jeu de destin No. 194115 (c) 1986 Piatnik



How cruel of this Line of 5 to end in 36 Cross, a card of grief, pain and burdens, when the preceding cards pointed to social interactions and dates (Letter + Garden) and love (Heart), possibly even long-lasting or permanent love (Heart + Anchor).

The cards, however, clearly suggested the “permanency” (Anchor) of the relationship would become a burden (Cross) and the querent would ultimately regret her foray into the social world of online dating (Anchor to the left of Cross).

Whip as the base card (bottom card of the shuffled deck) spoke of arguments, strife, animosity and perhaps even emotional abuse (Heart + Whip) on the increase.

I pulled one final card to illuminate the result and 12 Birds showed up, suggesting worry, stress, anxiety and disappointment with a relationship started via online dating.

Lenormand Piatnik 12 Birds
12 Birds


When I explained what the cards were saying, the querent was silent for a moment. Then she thoughtfully replied that she wasn’t really that surprised, for the cards had mirrored her inner conviction that another relationship (whether initiated online or through more conventional means) would ultimately prove to be oppressive and burdensome.

She actually seemed somewhat relieved that the cards didn’t give her a green light!


Mary Hawkins

Lenormand Daily Draw: Whip, Mountain, Garden, Ring, Sun, Tree

Tuesday afternoon my younger daughter texted, inviting me over for coffee. I blew her off, weakly promising her catch up with her “tomorrow.”

Wednesday morning, I pulled the following Lenormand cards for my daily draw:

11 Whip - 21 Mountain - 20 Garden - 25 Ring - 31 Sun - 5 Tree
11 Whip – 21 Mountain – 20 Garden – 25 Ring – 31 Sun – 5 Tree

Mlle. Lenormand Jeu de destin No. 194115 (c) 1986 Piatnik


As the central card in the draw, 20 Garden suggested some socializing was on the agenda. 11 Whip + 21 Mountain showed the recent past: action (Whip) delayed (Mountain), and the cards to the right of 20 Garden suggested a commitment (Ring) would be kept or honored (Sun).

As I’ve mentioned before, in addition to drawing a Line of 5, I often use the base card (bottom card of the shuffled deck) to clarify the reading or show additional information. In this draw, 5 Tree as the clarification or additional information suggested I would “reach out” (Tree) and fulfill my social obligations (Mountain + Garden + Ring).


What Actually Happened:

It turned out to be a bright, sunny day (Sun). This went a long way in  improving my mood and bolstering my energy levels, making it easier for me to get off my duff, overcome my inertia (Whip + Mountain) and fulfill my social obligations (Mountain + Garden + Ring) by “reaching out” to family (Tree).

The visit (Garden) with my younger daughter and grandson turned out to be fun and I was glad I had “reached out” (Tree).


Mary Hawkins

Lenormand Cards Address Money Question: Sun, Whip, Lilies, Clouds

A female querent recently deposited a significant (to her) amount of money into a money market account and wanted to know “Will the money grow?” Basically, she wondered whether she’d be able to leave it be, gathering interest, or whether she would have to begin withdrawing amounts here and there, sadly watching it dwindle away.

I decided to draw three Lenormand cards plus a clarification card to address her issue. Prior to selecting the cards, I mentally superimposed 15 Bear on the central card position, since 15 Bear represents financial resources and investments. That way, whatever card appears in the central position is located in the House of the Bear, and its meaning is combined with the meaning of 15 Bear.

I drew:

31 Sun - 11 Whip - 30 Lilies - 6 Clouds
31 Sun – 11 Whip – 30 Lilies – 6 Clouds

Mystical Lenormand (c) 2005, 2007 – AGM-Muller


The cards suggested there could be financial gain (Sun) through repetitive deposits or regular monthly interest (Whip, in the House of 15 Bear) to the account, resulting in a slow build-up (Lilies) of money. Whip + Clouds, however, raised a red flag that the querent may lack a certain sense of direction. 6 Clouds by itself as clarification or additional information suggested the outcome may be changeable or unpredictable.


Notice that if you add the numerical values of the chosen Lenormand Cards, 31 + 11 + 30 + 6, you get 78 = 7 + 8 = 15 which equals 15 Bear — the subject of this reading and the card that was mentally superimposed upon the central card (Whip) of the 3 card draw.  This gives more weight to the necessity of regular deposits to the account and/or monthly interest to produce the outcome the querent desires.


I told the querent I was  concerned about the lack of direction and/or uncertainty indicated by the clarification card, 6 Clouds. It seemed to me that the money could grow slowly, either through regular deposits to the account and/or repeated monthly interest (Sun + Whip + Lilies), but that she hadn’t made a firm decision yet (Clouds) as to whether she would begin withdrawing from the account before it had a chance to grow. I suggested she might want to focus on finding ways to prevent withdrawal from happening, assuming her prevailing desire was to have the funds grow.

The querent agreed the cards mirrored her situation quite accurately, as at the present time, she was uncertain (Clouds) as to whether she could continue to fund the account or if she was going to have to begin withdrawing from it.


Mary Hawkins

Lenormand Cards Discuss Birth of Twins: Letter, Tree, Snake, Gentleman, Sun, Bouquet

Yesterday afternoon I was anxiously awaiting news about the birth of a dear family friend’s twin girls. I had gotten a text from my younger daughter that the friend, who’d gone into the hospital early in the morning due to a health complication, was still in labor.

I asked the Lenormand cards what was going on and got:


27 Letter - 5 Tree - 7 Snake - 28 Gentleman - 31 Sun - 9 Bouquet
27 Letter – 5 Tree – 7 Snake – 28 Gentleman – 31 Sun – 9 Bouquet

Mystical Lenormand (c) 2005, 2007 – AGM-Muller


The cards suggested I would get a text (Letter) about a health complication or physical problem (Tree + Snake) that the doctor would successfully resolve (Gentleman + Sun with Tree).

The base card 9 Bouquet (bottom card of shuffled deck) suggested there would be a positive turn around (Snake + Bouquet) and I’d soon be hearing happy news (Bouquet + Letter).

Wanting to learn more about the babies, I found 13 Child in the deck and pulled the card before and three cards after:

15 Bear - 13 Child - 11 Whip - 10 Scythe - 8 Coffin
15 Bear – 13 Child – 11 Whip – 10 Scythe – 8 Coffin

Mystical Lenormand (c) 2005, 2007 – AGM-Muller


The cards indicated that the children were strong and healthy (Bear + Child) and the pregnancy would likely end (Coffin) after a painful surgery (Whip + Scythe). I surmised that a Cesarian section would occur.


What Actually Happened:

I received the happy news (Bouquet + Letter) early this morning. The doctor (Gentleman) had successfully (Sun) managed the mother’s health complication (Tree + Snake) and the twins were born yesterday evening.

Both babies are strong and healthy (Bear + Child). Baby A was delivered vaginally, while Baby B was delivered via Cesarian section, as the cards had suggested. 11 Whip correlates with the number 2 and it was the second twin that required surgical intervention.

Once again, the Lenormand cards amazed me with their accuracy.

As I write this post, Mom and babies are doing well and all of us are over the moon with happiness!


Mary Hawkins