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Tarot Advice for Health Issue

The querent is a female in her mid-60s who has been experiencing some health issues. She is skeptical of allopathic medicine because she feels such practitioners tend to “treat the symptoms and not the cause,” and because she “doesn’t want to start taking a bunch of drugs.” Recently she heard about  a female chiropractor with an intuitive, energetic approach and she wants to know if this individual could help her resolve her issues.

I decided to throw a Five Pointed Star tarot spread with a significator* to get some insight into her question.

[Note: in addition to representing either the querent (the person asking the question) or the quesited (that which is inquired about), a significator card can give insight regarding the major theme of the question.]


Tarot Health Issue - 5 Pointed Star Spread with Significator
Tarot Health Issue – 5 Pointed Star Tarot Spread with Significator and Clarification Card


Significator card: the central card, 8 of Pentacles, describes the theme of the reading. For a health related question, this card suggests an imbalance (8) of some sort may be causing the physical (Pentacles) issues the querent is experiencing.

Position #1 – Queen of Pentacles:

The card in this position describes the basis of the question. It reveals the issue under consideration, but will not affect the outcome. I felt the Queen of Pentacles was describing the chiropractor the querent was considering consulting as an intuitive, practical, results-oriented professional with a hands-on manner. In fact, out of the 78 cards of the Tarot, I can think of no other card which would better describe a female chiropractor!

Position #2 – 6 of Pentacles:

The card in this position reveals the querent’s thoughts or mindset regarding the matter, whether she anticipates success or failure, what the querent may fear and/or what is causing concern. Typically, the card in this position shows how the querent is influencing the question by her thoughts. 6 of Pentacles in this position suggests an equitable exchange of money for services rendered and also indicates the querent expects to receive valuable assistance from this practitioner. In other words, the querent’s mindset regarding this practitioner is positive and she is anticipating positive results.

Position #3 – 10 of Swords:

The card in this position reveals additional information about the situation, of which the querent may or may not be aware, that needs to be considered. 10 of Swords in Position #3 speaks to the querent’s displeasure with allopathic practices and emphasizes a change of doctors or an alternative therapy may be warranted.

Position #4 – 10 of Pentacles:

The card in this position answers the question. This card may also provide advice and/or guidance on how to handle the situation. As “The Answer,” 10 of Pentacles suggests satisfaction with the treatment the querent will receive from the chiropractor, and that contracting her will be a good investment of the querent’s money.

Position #5 – 8 of Cups:

The card in this position shows the Probable Outcome, going beyond the answer found in Position #4, to a final conclusion. 8 of Cups in Position #5 points to the issue of balance vs. imbalance (8), likely in hormones (Cups). My sense was that the chiropractor would be successful in identifying hormonal imbalances in the querent’s body, which, once identified, could be corrected.


I note that four of the six cards in this draw are Pentacles, which is a physical suit dealing with money and health. Interestingly, both issues were on the querent’s mind — her health issues and the money she might need to spend to address them. Additionally, IX-The Hermit as the clarification card is associated with the zodiacal sign of Virgo, a physical Earth sign associated with health.

Queen of Pentacles in Position #1 described the chiropractor as a practical and results-oriented, intuitive professional woman and 6 of Pentacles in Position #2 showed the querent’s expectations that she would receive good value for her money by consulting this practitioner. 10 of Swords in Position #3 suggested the querent felt she was “the end of her rope” concerning her issues and that it was time to try an alternative therapy. 10 of Pentacles in the 4th Position confirmed contracting the chiropractor would be an excellent investment that promised a satisfactory outcome in resolving her health issues. 8 of Cups in Position #5 suggested the treatments would uncover a hormonal (Cups) imbalance (8) which could then be addressed. Finally, IX-Hermit as the Clarification Card suggested that a health (Virgo) issue needed to be further analyzed and that she had been intuitively guided to this particular practitioner. I encouraged her to act on her intuitions.


Mary Hawkins

Tarot Guidance: What I Need What I Want Spread

Mid-morning or so, I was thinking random, not particularly productive thoughts, when I caught myself in the act.

I noticed I was feeling somewhat frustrated and annoyed with myself. My to-do list was growing by the moment and I didn’t feel like tackling one thing on it. Other than that, I couldn’t seem to figure out why I was feeling out of sorts. I decided to throw a What I Need / What I Want Tarot spread to cast a little light on the matter.


What I Need What I Want Tarot Spread 10 of Pentacles - Knight of Swords - Ace of Swords
What I Need What I Want Tarot Spread
10 of Pentacles – Knight of Swords – Ace of Swords

Universal Waite Tarot Deck (c) 1971, 1991 U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


10 of Pentacles in the What I Need position indicates financial security. Specifically, a safety net.

Knight of Swords in the What I Want position suggests I should engage in logical, non-emotional action or activities that are clearly focused on my goals.

Ace of Swords in the Advice position tells me a decision is needed.

The Tarot spread suggests that I make a decision (Ace of Swords) to engage in positive, logical, goal-oriented activities (Knight of Swords) in order to achieve my need, which is financial security and the development of a safety net (10 of Pentacles).

* * * * * * * * * * *

Although I really didn’t have any preconceived notions on subject matter prior to pulling the cards, I must say I was impressed. Recently retired from the work force, my goal is to develop and monetize this blog in order to eventually supplement my Social Security income. This will provide the financial security / safety net I need. The What I Need / What I Want Tarot Spread had succinctly pointed out what I should focus on to get me where I needed and wanted to be.

The cards I drew focused my conscious mind on a game plan that made perfect sense for me. I should take consistent, logical, clearly focused, goal-oriented actions and trust in my eventual success. Knowing the Universe loves symbolic gestures, I followed up immediately by writing this post. Then I printed the spread and taped it near my computer because I don’t want to lose track of the guidance I received.

* * * * * * * * * * *

It just so happens, in this draw, what I needed and what I wanted coincided, which was serendipitous. If the cards had fought each other, indicating that my needs and wants were at odds, I would probably have wanted to throw another spread to help me clarify how I might resolve the discrepancy.



Mary Hawkins

Tarot of Pagan Cats Reading

I received the Tarot of Pagan Cats deck I ordered yesterday.

This morning I did a reading, asking the Pagan Cats if they could give me some advice on how I could best work them.

I drew the following cards:


10 of Pentacles - XIX-The Sun - 5 of Swords - VII-The Chariot - VI-The Lovers
10 of Pentacles – XIX-The Sun – 5 of Swords – VII-The Chariot – VI-The Lovers


The message: “We are rich with meaning (10 of Pentacles). For you, we are a blend of high intuition (10) and logic (swords). Don’t let us make you dizzy with our silliness (5 of Swords), we are just being playful. Bask in our wisdom (XIX-The Sun), let us take you for a ride (VII-The Chariot) and we’ll make a great team (VI-The Lovers). Don’t be overly serious. Let your intuition kick in.”

These cats are sneaky! I originally read 10 of Pentacles as 10 of Cups, which gave me the impression they were telling me to use my intuition (cups) along with logic (5 of Swords). They tricked me in a sneaky, cat-like kind of way into interpreting how they were suggesting I work with them. How crafty of them!


Mary Hawkins