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Tarot of Pagan Cats Reading

I received the Tarot of Pagan Cats deck I ordered yesterday.

This morning I did a reading, asking the Pagan Cats if they could give me some advice on how I could best work them.

I drew the following cards:


10 of Pentacles - XIX-The Sun - 5 of Swords - VII-The Chariot - VI-The Lovers
10 of Pentacles – XIX-The Sun – 5 of Swords – VII-The Chariot – VI-The Lovers


The message: “We are rich with meaning (10 of Pentacles). For you, we are a blend of high intuition (10) and logic (swords). Don’t let us make you dizzy with our silliness (5 of Swords), we are just being playful. Bask in our wisdom (XIX-The Sun), let us take you for a ride (VII-The Chariot) and we’ll make a great team (VI-The Lovers). Don’t be overly serious. Let your intuition kick in.”

These cats are sneaky! I originally read 10 of Pentacles as 10 of Cups, which gave me the impression they were telling me to use my intuition (cups) along with logic (5 of Swords). They tricked me in a sneaky, cat-like kind of way into interpreting how they were suggesting I work with them. How crafty of them!


Mary Hawkins

Tarot Guidance Using the 5 Pointed Star Spread

The querent is a female artist who’s hit a dry spell. Lately she’s been worrying, thinking maybe she’s lost her edge. She fears she’ll never be able to produce the quality of work she’s produced in the past.

“It feels like my creative well is dry,” she confided. “At first I thought I could shake this off, but it’s been a few weeks now and it’s starting to scare me.”

Her question was simple: How Can I Replenish the Well?

I decided to cast a 5 Pointed Star tarot spread to address her question. This is a positional spread where each point of the Star discusses a certain aspect of the problem/ situation/ circumstance of concern.

After thoroughly mixing the cards, I selected the following cards to address her question:


5 Pointed Star Tarot Spread - Replenish the Well
5 Pointed Star Tarot Spread – Replenish the Well


Position 1: The nature or basis of the situation/ issue/ circumstance, or the reason for the question:

Page of Cups as the nature or basis of the situation suggests a couple of things to me. First, it literally suggests creative (Cups) thoughts (Pages). Second, it gives a sense of perhaps being overly emotional about the situation and not trusting her own intuitions, which certainly could put a damper on generating new ideas.

Position 2: The querent’s thoughts or mindset, conscious or unconscious:

Quite literally, 0-The Fool is zero. Nothing. Coupled with Page of Cups as creative thoughts, we see the querent’s situation capsulized in the first two cards: as far as creative thoughts / new inspirations are concerned (Page of Cups), there are none (0-The Fool).

Position 3: Additional information or comment that may impact the situation (can be known or unknown):

2 of Pentacles in the third position suggests a sense of uneasiness/ imbalance, and perhaps a fear of disappointing self or others. There is also a sense of discouragement. These feelings could be causing her to bounce back and forth, between hope and despair, accomplishment and the lack thereof, which could be stifling her creative faculties and affecting her ability to make careful, balanced decisions.

Position 4: The Answer, Advice or Solution:

Knight of Cups suggests the real problem is a lack of faith in herself and her abilities. She needs to re-develop her self confidence. Knight of Cups suggests she should learn to recognize whether she’s acting on fear-based emotions or out of genuine enthusiasm for her passions and interests.

Position 5: The Probable Outcome based on the current energies surrounding the situation/ issue/ circumstance:

Queen of Pentacles furthers the advice of Knight of Cups. If the querent follows the advice of Knight of Cups and resurrects her faith in herself and her abilities, she’ll be better equipped to take on her challenges and figure out effective ways to deal with them.

Clarification Card: Ties the reading together and often gives a direction to consider for achieving a suitable outcome:

V-Hierophant is a card of tradition, encompassing specific, daily routines and rituals. Instead of worrying about a lack of inspiration or a dearth of ideas, perhaps the querent could set a daily schedule that would put her in front of the computer (she does digital design) whether she feels inspired or not. Sometimes the Hierophant can represent an older or more experienced person who passes his or her knowledge on to a student or apprentice. Perhaps the querent could consider offering online classes to beginners who would love to learn the basics of digital design, and in doing so, recover some of the spark and excitement she believes she’s lost.

Hopefully, one or more of the insights provided by this reading will help the querent in resolving this issue.


Mary Hawkins

Shining the Light Spread Using Tarot Cards

This is a simple yet effective spread that will give you insight and guidance on a situation, issue or circumstance that is concerning you.

I’m using the Tarot Cards for this example but it could easily be adapted to any card deck including Lenormand, an oracle deck or playing cards.

Shining the Light Spread Using Tarot Cards Instructions:

1. Write down a brief, honest synopsis of the circumstance, issue or situation that is concerning you. (If you’re tempted to skip this step, don’t. You won’t have to write a book — just a few words or sentences will do, and the act of writing will help you focus on exactly what it is you want to know.)

2. Mix the tarot cards while thinking about your circumstance, issue or situation. Ask the cards to “shine the light” and give you some useful advice.

3. Continue mixing the tarot cards until it feels like you’re done. (Trust me, you will know when to stop.) Then turn the deck face up and search for IX-THE HERMIT. Select the cards to the immediate left and right and place all three cards face up on the table.

Here’s an example:

A 49 year old female querent who was unhappy at her day job wanted to know if she could turn her creative hobbies into a money making venture that would eventually be able to support her.

I asked a few questions to help her clarify the matter, then mixed the cards, asking them to “shine the light” and give the querent some practical guidance .

After turning the deck face up, I found IX-THE HERMIT and selected the cards to the immediate left and right:


Knight of Cups - IX Hermit - Page of Swords
Knight of Cups – IX Hermit – Page of Swords

Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck (c) 1985 U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


Knight of Cups is associated with creative ventures. It can indicate a need for faith in oneself and also speaks to following the path with heart. Page of Swords suggests a need for logical thinking and decisive action. In this tarot card reading, IX-THE HERMIT shines the light on the message, “if you have faith in yourself, follow your passions, pursue a path that is personally meaningful to you, and act decisively, you can achieve your goal.”

The key word in this message is “can.” The cards aren’t predicting the querent will achieve her goal, simply that she can. The suit of Swords is comparable to the playing card suit of Spades, which often correlates with worries, problems or fears. When a tarot card spread — even a short one like this example — ends in a card from the suit of Swords, it often indicates that the querent may encounter problems.


Mary Hawkins