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Divination, the Law of Attraction and Psychic Development

At its core level, divination is energy reading. It doesn’t matter whether you use Tarot cards, Lenormand cards, sticks, stones or bones. What you are doing is accessing the energies or vibrations surrounding a particular person or situation and interpreting them as you would a language. For all intents and purposes, you are using a tool (e.g., cards, runes, dice, charms, tea leaves, etc.) to “read vibes.”

Anyone can become proficient to some degree or another in divination methods. This is because all humans possess “psychic” or “intuitive” abilities to some degree or another. It is the belief that one is not psychic or intuitive that makes reading cards or engaging in any other type of divination seem difficult if not downright impossible. This occurs because of the Law of Attraction, not because the would-be diviner doesn’t have the skills or talent to master the task. People who believe it is possible to learn how to read tarot cards, Lenormand cards, sticks, stones or bones will learn how to read them. Those who don’t, won’t.

The Law of Attraction

In simplest terms, the Law of Attraction is based on the premise that like attracts like. We are talking about energies again. If your normal frame of mind, for example, is critical and pessimistic, you will tend to attract critical and pessimistic people and circumstances into your life. These people and circumstances that appear to be outside yourself will reinforce your critical and pessimistic beliefs and viewpoints. If you don’t consciously work at changing your core beliefs and attitudes, you may live your entire life from a critical and pessimistic perspective.

Another example: if you have little faith in or love for yourself, you will tend to attract people and circumstances that reflect that lack of faith and/or love. Should you actually encounter more positive people and situations, you will tend to discount them or even push them away. The Bible command “love thy neighbor as thyself” is literal. It is missing the word “you.” YOU love your neighbor as much or as little as you love yourself.


I’m not saying the above mindsets are necessarily bad. I’m just saying that they will produce — and continue to produce — similar people and circumstances in a person’s life until and unless the person does something to change the energies. This is because circumstances mirror inner consciousness, not the other way around. “Positive” people tend to attract positive experiences into their lives. “Negative” people tend to attract people and circumstances of a negative nature.

The problem is that most behaviors and thought patterns are to a large degree unconscious. People don’t think about what they are thinking about and they don’t easily see the links between thoughts and things, the unmanifest and the manifest.

This is exactly why Tarot and other divination methods are so useful:

Divination Methods Make the Invisible Visible.

The invisible realm is energy. It cannot be literally seen, only accessed. Two things are necessary for accessing this realm with card systems: a vehicle (e.g. tarot cards) and one’s own intuition. Cards which are seemingly randomly drawn provide pictures that trigger one’s imagination and intuition, “magically” resulting in insights not easily gained by the “usual” methods.

Not to be presumptuous, but I am assuming you would prefer to “see where you are going,” along with having more of what you want in your life and less of what you don’t want. 🙂


Changing the energies that surround you is under your control


To that end, I’d like to refer you back to two previous posts where I outlined my approach to reading the tarot cards from a Law of Attraction perspective.

Law of Attraction Tarot Card Spread
Law of Attraction Tarot Card Spread – Living with Cards

Tarot and the Law of Attraction Part 1

Tarot and the Law of Attraction Part 2

I designed the Law of Attraction tarot card spread to cast a spotlight on core beliefs and how they may be interfering with goals and desires. I’ve personally found this spread provides valuable insight and helps me quickly pinpoint where I might have gotten off track. I hope you’ll get some benefit from it as well.

Working with tarot cards and divination systems is an excellent approach to self-growth, self-improvement and self-empowerment. As you work with the cards on a regular basis, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll begin recognizing and identifying how the Law of Attraction is operating in your own life while strengthening and improving your natural psychic abilities at the same time.

That’s a win-win, in my opinion.


Mary Hawkins

Drama Monitoring with Lenormand Cards or Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards

‘Drama monitoring’ is a technique you can employ that will help take your Lenormand and/or Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards card reading skills to the next level. It’s an easy, fascinating, intuitive, and powerful way to learn how the cards want to speak to you.

So, you ask, What exactly  is ‘drama monitoring’?

Drama monitoring is the intentional casting of card draws for the purpose of observing or monitoring regular episodes of drama occurring in your personal universe.


The only difference between ‘drama monitoring’ and asking the Lenormand, Tarot, or Gypsy Witch cards typical questions such as “How will my day go?” is your intention to ‘drama monitor’ a person or situation before you shuffle and draw the cards. I’ll show you examples further down in this post, but first a couple of caveats:

  1. Do not ‘drama monitor’ yourself!!!! This is because it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to remain objective when you are personally going through a situation or circumstance that is impacting you emotionally.
  2. Do not ‘drama monitor’ your husband/ wife/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ partner/ child/ lover/ parent(s)/ family member. You are way too close to these people. It will be difficult, if not impossible, to remain objective because these people clearly impact your emotional life.
  3. Do not ‘drama monitor’ anyone who “pushes your buttons.” Same reasons as above. You cannot remain objective and your lack of objectivity will skew your readings.

So who or what can you ‘drama monitor’?

  1. The next door neighbors (assuming they don’t push your buttons).
  2. The boss (assuming he or she doesn’t push your buttons).
  3. Drama-prone co-workers (as long as you’re not in the thick of it).
  4. Your favorite daily television soap opera characters.
  5. Your favorite television reality show stars.
  6. Your favorite celebrity/ politician/ musician/ entertainer — anyone in the public eye who you follow regularly on social media.
  7. Anyone or anything that you have contact with at least several times a week, if not daily, as long as you are not emotionally invested in either the person or the outcome.


Note: If the thought of ‘drama monitoring’ a person you know seems a little too pushy (or nosy) and/or offends your code of ethics, give options 4, 5 or 6 above a try. They work just as well.


Example: Drama Monitoring an Ongoing Situation with Lenormand and Gypsy Witch Cards

Background: a co-worker’s daughter is going through a marital rough patch. You’re sympathetic, but not involved. Hoping to help if you can (as well as to learn more about how your cards speak to you), you decide to ‘drama monitor’ the situation.

First Draw:
Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards: 18 Lady (2 of Diamonds) - 6 Coffin (5 of Spades) - 3 House (6 of Hearts) - 29 Mouse (6 of Spades) - 25 Clouds (7 of Spades) - 52 Shepherd (Jack of Spades)
Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards: 18 Lady (2 of Diamonds) – 6 Coffin (5 of Spades) – 3 House (6 of Hearts) – 29 Mouse (6 of Spades) – 25 Clouds (7 of Spades) – 52 Shepherd (Jack of Spades)

Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards – U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

A woman (LADY) appears to be depressed (COFFIN), worried/ stressed (MOUSE) and confused (CLOUDS) over a domestic (HOUSE) matter. The Base Card (bottom card of the shuffled deck) suggests support is being sought (SHEPHERD), likely from a family member (HOUSE + SHEPHERD). The Gypsy Witch cards accurately mirror and confirm the situation under ‘monitoring.’

Second Draw:

[Note: The second draw was done with Lenormand cards, four days after the first draw. Prior to drawing the cards, it was pre-decided that the central (hinge) card would be “superimposed” onto the House of the Ring, making any card that fell into that central position descriptive of the marriage. Here, we see decisions or choices (CROSSROADS) has “landed” in the the House of the Ring, giving us decisions or choices about marriage.]

Piatnik Lenormand: 15 Bear - 7 Snake - 22 Crossroads - 31 Sun - 23 Mice - 5 Tree
Piatnik Lenormand: 15 Bear – 7 Snake – 22 Crossroads – 31 Sun – 23 Mice – 5 Tree

Mlle Lenormand Cartomancy Deck of 36 Cards

The first two cards point to the issues in the marriage that are causing problems. BEAR and SNAKE suggest control issues, including, perhaps, jealousy and/or sexual issues that are factoring into decisions being made about the marriage (CROSSROADS in the House of the Ring). SUN + MICE does not auger well. Instead, it suggests deterioration and eventual loss. It seems that (at the time of this draw) a decision to recommit to the marriage (CROSSROADS in the House of the Ring) will falter after some initial success (SUN + MICE). TREE as the Base Card shows the situation causing the distress is deeply rooted and/or has built up over time, perhaps five months or even five years. Basically, TREE shows that the situation under ‘monitoring’ is not a new development.

Third Draw:

[Note: A subsequent draw using the Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards was performed three days after the second draw. It suggested that despite the ongoing marital difficulties, there was hope for recovery. No cards (or houses) were pre-selected.]

Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards: 19 Gentleman (2 of Hearts) - 18 Lady (2 of Diamonds) - 15 Letter (King of Diamonds) - 25 Clouds (7 of Spades) - 38 Flames on the Hearth (7 of Diamonds) - 42 Amor (Queen of Spades)
Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards: 19 Gentleman (2 of Hearts) – 18 Lady (2 of Diamonds) – 15 Letter (King of Diamonds) – 25 Clouds (7 of Spades) – 38 Flames on the Hearth (7 of Diamonds) – 42 Amor (Queen of Spades)

Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards – U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

The GENTLEMAN and the LADY have their backs to each other, showing they are not seeing eye to eye. LETTER + CLOUDS points to divorce papers, if not a serious lack of communication. However, the spread ends with Gypsy Witch 38 Flames on the Hearth, which, according to the ‘fortune’ inscribed on the card, “…neutralizes the evil of near lying unlucky cards and increases the value of lucky ones.” This suggested that (at the time of the card draw) there may be hope for the marriage, The Base Card, 42 Amor, supports this conclusion, suggesting that despite their problems, love and attraction could still exist between them.


The ‘drama monitoring’ card readings clearly show that the co-worker’s daughter is obviously unhappy and that she is confused about what she really wants (or needs).  You might suggest that the daughter hold off on making critical decisions concerning her marriage until she sorts out her feelings. Your input may or may not help the situation, but that is not under your control. The real value here from a cartomantic point of view is that ‘drama monitoring’ has given you a deeper understanding of how the Lenormand and Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards “speak” to you.



A series of ‘drama monitoring’ readings (five altogether) using either Lenormand cards or Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards were done over an approximate two week period to monitor the energies surrounding an ongoing marital issue.

The card readings clearly showed fluctuations in energies producing changeable outcomes, exactly mirroring the subject’s emotional ups and downs during the time period the ‘drama’ was ‘monitored.’



Obviously, I could have included the Fourth and Fifth Draws, but I think the three examples given have probably clarified how the process works. If you decide to try this method, you can continue to ‘drama monitor’ any situation to which you have access until resolution is reached or you lose interest, whichever comes first. The point of ‘drama monitoring’ is not to vicariously participate in someone else’s misfortune. Rather, it is a highly effective and powerful way to strengthen your intuition and improve your card reading skills.

If you prefer, you can use the ‘drama monitoring’ technique with tarot cards. The process is contingent upon the intention to elicit information about the energies surrounding any particular situation, and not upon the particular card system used.


Mary Hawkins

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Daily Tarot Card Draw: VII-Chariot, XVI-Tower, X-Wheel of Fortune and XIII-Death

I’m sure I’ve mentioned in some post or another that the best way to learn how to read tarot cards (or any card system, for that matter) is simply to do just that — read tarot cards! On a daily basis!

If you’re remotely serious about improving your ability to read tarot cards, you must commit to the practice of casting daily tarot card draws and recording them and jotting down your impressions in a notebook or journal dedicated specifically to card reading. Later, you can review your notes and observe where, why and how you got it “right” or “wrong.”

Just like learning a language, over time, you will learn how your cards speak to you. As you gain “fluency,” your ability to correctly ascertain the cards’ messages in any given daily draw will increase.

That said, remember:

“No matter how talented a reader you may become, you won’t always ‘get it right’.”


Three Reasons Why You May Not ‘Get It Right’


  1. Taking the information too personally, especially when your draw contains tarot cards that scare you. Your mind might automatically race to worst case scenarios, which, in addition to being a lousy way to start your day, typically don’t manifest in real life.
  2. Forgetting that some daily card draws are fairly mundane. The cards could be showing you something as simple as a weather report (literal or emotional). Perhaps they are describing a local or global event that comes to your attention later in the day or week.
  3. Failing to take “the prevailing winds” into account. Sometimes the energies surrounding a “prediction” shift enough to cancel manifestation at a later time. In those instances you may have correctly interpreted the cards but you probably won’t know it because of lack of feedback.

A Daily Tarot Card Draw with Scary Cards


Early last week I pulled some cards in my daily draw that illustrate points #1 and #2 above. I decided to share the reading with you because I think it’s something that card readers experience more often than they care to admit. We get so used to asking for (and expecting!) relevant, personal information that we tend to forget sometimes the cards just want to give a heads-up on a freak thunderstorm or, as you’ll see below, a fatal accident that comes to your attention.

At the time of the draw, having no particular question in mind, I decided to ask one of my go-to generic questions: “Heads up/ need to know/ will happen.” I pulled the following cards:

Q: Heads Up/ Need to Know/ Will Happen:


Morgan-Greer Tarot Daily Card Draw: VII-The Chariot - XVI-The Tower - X-Wheel of Fortune
Morgan-Greer Tarot Daily Card Draw: VII-The Chariot – XVI-The Tower – X-Wheel of Fortune

Morgan Greer Tarot Deck

It took me about a nanosecond to realize that Chariot + Tower is a classic combination for an automobile accident. Having the Wheel of Fortune in the spread (literally, “wheels”) only seemed to solidify the interpretation.

Unsettling at best.

Of course, I took the “prediction” personally. My mind went directly to myself and my family, including a loved one who would be embarking on a road trip later in the week.

As my anxiety levels multiplied, I found myself grabbing another card to represent the Probable Outcome.

I pulled Death, making me wish I’d never done the darn daily draw in the first place…

Morgan-Greer Tarot VIII-Death
Morgan-Greer Tarot XIII-Death


I then proceeded to worry myself half to death (pun intended) for at least two minutes. After getting a grip on myself, I re-boxed the cards and returned them to some storage container or another, amidst the firm resolution of getting on with my day. (I definitely do not recommend fixating on dire predictions!)

I actually succeeded in not giving the reading a second thought until a news story on the next day’s 6 o’clock news came to my attention: a fatal car crash in a neighboring town. Why the previous day’s tarot card draw had pointed that out to me is unknowable. As the Death card indicated, there was absolutely nothing I could have done to prevent the tragedy.



Could the cards have manifested in some way other than a tragedy? Of course. To a large degree, it would depend on the question. For example, if you pulled these four cards as an answer to a question concerning taking a new job in another city, the cards could be suggesting that this course of action (Chariot) might be interrupted (Tower), thrown off-course (Wheel) and come to naught (Death). The Death card in this example could also suggest you don’t get the job offer in the first place. Regardless of the question, the fact that all four cards in this particular draw are Major Arcana suggests the outcome is out of your control.




The cards pulled in this daily tarot card draw predicted a fatal motor vehicle accident. While my interpretation was technically correct, I took the information too personally, causing myself unnecessary angst. It didn’t occur to me at the time of the reading that maybe the cards were foreshadowing a story I’d see later on the 6 o’clock news. Should I pull another set of equally dire cards anytime soon, I’m fairly confident I’ll be able to keep this error in mind.

Because this particular reading left an impression, I probably would have been able to bring those four cards to mind once I saw the news story whether I’d recorded the draw or not. But I’m glad I did. You might think you’ll remember your tarot card readings, but unless you have a photographic memory, you won’t. It’s crazy how easily tarot readings slip your mind when you don’t record and notate your readings.

Don’t let your fear or apprehension of “bad Tarot cards” keep you from performing daily card draws and recording them in a notebook or journal. Keep the three points I made above in mind (Three Reasons Why You May Not ‘Get It Right’) and always remember that there isn’t a card in the deck that does not provide useful information, even if it’s something you don’t particularly want to hear or address.


Mary Hawkins


Tarot and Lenormand Cards Discuss Family Altercation: 30 Lilies, 6 Clouds, 12 Birds, 13 Child, 25 Ring, 28 Gentleman

Lenormand cards are difficult to misinterpret. They pretty much “tell it like it is” in a matter-of-fact, plain and simple way. I love this quality about them and when I want or need a “quick read” on a situation, I almost always pull out a Lenormand deck first.

When I want to dig deeper, I turn to Tarot. Talk about juicy… Tarot virtually drips with psychological insights, motivations, expectations, mindsets and more. It continually amazes me how much information a handful of Tarot cards can reveal.

Recently, a female Querent (person asking the question) sought assistance regarding an altercation between herself and another family member over parenting practices. In the heat of a vicious quarrel (which had quickly gotten out of hand), harsh words had been spoken, leaving both family members feeling misunderstood, hurt and angry.

I decided to cast a Lenormand Line of 5, specifically wanting to see what help might be available:

Q: Family Altercation: Is There a Solution? If So, What?


Lenormand Line of 5 with Base Card 30 Lilies - 6 Clouds - 12 Birds - 13 Child - 25 Ring - 28 Gentleman
Lenormand Line of 5 with Base Card: 30 Lilies – 6 Clouds – 12 Birds – 13 Child – 25 Ring – 28 Gentleman

Mlle Lenormand Cartomancy Jeu du destin Deck of 36 Cards


As usual, the Lenormand cards mirrored the situation quite accurately. The Line of 5 described the conflict. The base card (bottom card of the shuffled deck), in conjunction with the hinge card (central card in the Line of 5), suggested a practical approach to resolution:

“Ongoing/ cyclical (Ring) bickering (Birds) between siblings and/or about a child/ children (Birds + Child) is causing misunderstandings and is disrupting family harmony (Lilies + Clouds). An agreement (Ring) must be reached before harmony (Lilies) can be restored.”

“A man (Gentleman) can help resolve the issue, perhaps a mediator (Birds + Gentleman).”


I found the “advice” — “a man can help, perhaps a mediator” (Birds + Gentleman) particularly encouraging because there was actually a professional man both family members knew and respected who fit the bill. This man would likely not only be willing to intervene, but would also likely be listened to by both parties. I passed the information along.


Still, wanting to learn more about the situation, I turned to Tarot. I was about to pick up one of my usual reading decks when a card image from the Thoth deck came to mind.

Thoth Tarot VIII-Adjustment (Justice)
Thoth Tarot VIII-Adjustment (Justice)

Crowley-Thoth Tarot Deck



According to noted anthropologist/ Tarot authority Angeles Arrien*, VIII-ADJUSTMENT (JUSTICE) in the Crowley-Thoth tarot deck reflects the principles of alignment, balance, negotiation and truth.  My desire to know the truth of the matter regarding this particular situation must have triggered the spontaneous visualization of this card image. Surely it was not coincidence… [*See Ms. Arrien’s classic exploration of the Thoth tarot deck: The Tarot Handbook: Practical Applications of Ancient Visual Symbols ]



Note: As I’m sure you know, the Crowley-Thoth tarot deck is not for the faint-hearted. If you’re going to use it, you need to put on your thick skin. A couple dozen years ago when I was first introduced to C-T,  a wise friend shared this secret:

“Thoth never lies.”


Over the years, I have consistently found this to be true.



The extremely yang, in-your-face Crowley-Thoth tarot deck does not sugar-coat. When attuned to its “voice” (a challenge sometimes, especially if you’re emotionally involved in the reading’s subject matter), you may find it to be less vulnerable to misinterpretation than the majority of decks out there in the Tarotverse…

Since I was performing the reading as an outside observer and not personally in the thick of it, I decided to go ahead and see what Thoth had to say about the matter, using one of my go-to tarot spreads, The Five Pointed Star with Significator:

Q: Family Altercation: Psychological Dynamics and Probable Outcome

Five Pointed Star Tarot Spread with the Crowley-Thoth Tarot deck: Princess of Disks - 9 of Swords - Knight of Swords - 2 of Wands - 9 of Cups - Queen of Wands
Five Pointed Star Tarot Spread with the Crowley-Thoth Tarot deck: Princess of Disks – 9 of Swords – Knight of Swords – 2 of Wands – 9 of Cups – Queen of Wands

Crowley-Thoth Tarot Deck


Five Pointed Star with Significator Tarot Spread – The Positions

  • Significator – Theme or Subject Matter
  • Position 1 – Basis, Reason, Cause
  • Position 2 – Mindset, Beliefs, Expectations
  • Position 3 – Additional Information, Factors to be Considered
  • Position 4 – Answer/ Solution/ Advice
  • Position 5 – Probable Outcome

If you keep the positional meanings in mind, it is not hard to weave together the story.

The theme, or subject of the spread, involves child (Princess, Page) discipline (Disks, Pentacles).

Thoth Tarot Princess of Disks (Page of Pentacles)
Thoth Tarot Princess of Disks (Page of Pentacles)

Arguments/ cruel words between relatives have ensued because each party believes she is an authority on the matter (9 of Swords in Position 1 with MARS in Gemini; Knight of Swords in Position 2). Knights (the equivalent of Kings in Rider-Waite decks) have a “divine right” to rule. The Knight of Swords/ King of Swords mindset applies to both parties, leaving the other feeling disregarded, accused, exploited and/or intimidated. In conjunction with 9 of Swords, the caustic, sarcastic comments hurt. So we have an argument over child discipline (Princess of Disks/ Page of Pentacles) with each party wounding and being wounded/ emotionally hurt by the other’s sharp words (9 of Swords) because each believes she is an authority on the subject (Knight of Swords/ King of Swords).

Thoth Tarot 9 of Swords
Thoth Tarot 9 of Swords
Thoth Tarot Knight of Swords (King of Swords)
Thoth Tarot Knight of Swords (King of Swords)



2 of Wands in Position 3 supplies additional information and/or factors to be considered. Here, 2 of Wands shows dominion. This is the will to dominate. The card suggests that both parties want to impose their will (MARS in Aries) upon the other. Based on the preceding three cards, it appears that differences of opinion will outweigh any sense of balance or centeredness.

Thoth Tarot 2 of Wands
Thoth Tarot 2 of Wands


Position 4 shows the Answer, Solution or Advice. Here, the 9 of Cups shines a light on the querent’s deep desire for keeping the peace/ harmony. Read in relation to Queen of Wands in Position 5, I sense this could occur at the querent’s expense: the Probable Outcome suggests that at the time of this reading, the more fiery (aggressive) family member will prevail.


Thoth Tarot 9 of Cups
Thoth Tarot 9 of Cups


Thoth Tarot Queen of Wands
Thoth Tarot Queen of Wands


Clarification Cards

Five Pointed Star Clarification Cards using Thoth Tarot deck: 9 of Disks (9 of Pentacles) - XII-The Hanged Man - 10 of Cups
Five Pointed Star Clarification Cards using Thoth Tarot deck: 9 of Disks (9 of Pentacles) – XII-The Hanged Man – 10 of Cups

Simply interpreted, XII-The Hanged Man suggests a limiting pattern that needs to be broken. A suspension of activity may be in order. Perhaps more solitary time/ time apart from each other (9 of Disks) would ultimately aid the peacemaking process and/or help restore family harmony (10 of Cups). The Hanged Man also indicates that some time will pass before any solution or resolution is reached.



At this time, I have no feedback from the querent, so I don’t know the outcome.

  • Will the parties follow through with a mediator (Lenormand advice)?
  • Will the querent ultimately decide to back down, “sacrificing” her position for harmony’s sake, letting the other, more aggressive family member prevail (Thoth‘s prediction)?
  • Will the energies surrounding the situation change enough to facilitate another outcome?

It would be interesting to find out…



Mary Hawkins


Tarot Card Spread Reveals How to Get Your Wish

In my family, regardless of age, the “Birthday Boy” (or Girl) always makes a wish before blowing out the candles. The kids believe their wishes will come true. The adults, not so much.

The simple explanation for why this is so is that making wishes (and expecting them to come true) is a form of “make-believe,” a.k.a. magickal thinking. Children (usually) believe in magick. Grown-ups (usually) do not. (I’ll admit there were years when I only pretended to make a wish so as not to spoil the festive mood…)

The Wish Card: 9 of Cups

Alchemical Tarot Revisited by Robert M. Place 9 of Cups - The Wish Card http://livingwithcards.comAlchemical Tarot Renewed by Robert M. Place 9 of Cups - The Wish Card

The Alchemical Tarot: Renewed Fourth Edition

Although I’m not sure what prompted the thought, earlier this week my mind drifted to a recent family birthday party where the “Birthday Boy,” excited and smiling, squeezed his eyes shut and made what looked to be a very important wish. It was clear from the expression on his face that he expected his wish to come true. The memory made me smile.

It then occurred to me that the Tarot could explain how the whole “wish-getting” thing works, which made me smile even more. All I had to do was ask!

I decided to use The Alchemical Tarot Renewed tarot deck by Robert M. Place. After a thorough shuffle while concentrating on my question, I pulled seven cards and placed them according to the layout shown below:

Q: How Can I Get My Wish (What is the Formula)?


Alchemical Tarot 7 card Wish Spread: 9 of Cups - Page of Wands - Queen of Cups - 3 of Pentacles - XII-The Hanged Man - 2 of Pentacles - 2 of Cups http://livingwithcards.comAlchemical Tarot 7 card Wish Spread: 9 of Cups - Page of Wands - Queen of Cups - 3 of Pentacles - XII-The Hanged Man - 2 of Pentacles - 2 of Cups

The Alchemical Tarot: Renewed Fourth Edition


Position 1 – The Subject or Focus: 9 of Cups

9 of Cups tarot card from The Alchemical Tarot Renewed http://livingwithcards.comTarot Wish Spread Position 1: 9 of Cups - The Wish Card

To my amazement, the first card drawn was the Wish Card itself — 9 of Cups. It seemed to be a clear confirmation that the Tarot was in tune with my question.


Positions 2, 3, 4 – The Answer: Page of Wands, Queen of Cups, 3 of Pentacles


Tarot Wish Spread Positions 2, 3, 4: Page of Wands - Queen of Cups - 3 of Pentacles http://livingwithcards.comTarot Wish Spread Positions 2, 3, 4: Page of Wands - Queen of Cups - 3 of Pentacles

Thoughts (Page of Wands) immersed in feelings/ emotions (Queen of Cups) manifest into things (3 of Pentacles). Notice that a Page is a “beginner” — lower in order than a Queen. Thoughts (Pages) come first. Page of Wands shows the inspirations, hunches and messages that develop into “wishes.” Queens denote a deeper, more mature energy. The Queen of Cups symbolizes developed feelings and emotions. Together, the cards suggest that a considerable amount of feeling/ emotion (Queen of Cups as a more developed energy) has to be infused into the thoughts (Page) to make the spark catch fire (Wands). The result would be a physical manifestation (Pentacles).


Position 5 – Caution, Challenge, Obstacle: XII-The Hanged Man

XII-The Hanged Man tarot card from Alchemical Tarot Renewed http://livingwithcards.comTarot Wish Spread Position 5: XII-The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man suggests the need to look at things from a different perspective and illuminates the need to change one’s perception. The card reminds us that it all starts on the inside. Inner reality creates outer reality, not the other way around. I find it interesting that the only Major Arcana card in the spread happens to be the Challenge Card: its message cannot be ignored or worked around.


Positions 6, 7 – Considerations, Additional Information, Advice: 2 of Pentacles, 2 of Cups

Tarot Wish Spread Positions 5, 6: 2 of Pentacles - 2 of Cups http://livingwithcards.comTarot Wish Spread Positions 6, 7: 2 of Pentacles - 2 of Cups

When it comes to manifestation, 2 of Pentacles suggests if one is “juggling and struggling,” flip-flopping back and forth between wanting something and then doubting they can get it, eventually they’ll wind up “dropping the ball.” Full alignment, harmonization and connection with the desire is essential (2 of Cups).

To summarize:

The Tarot reveals that the “Formula” for getting your wish is to recognize that thoughts start the process and deeply-felt emotion grows it.  This may require a change in your perception: the realization that “inner reality creates outer reality,” and not the other way around. Inconsistent thinking/ actions tends to cancel each other out — you can’t be wishing for (or working towards) what you want one minute then doubting your ability to get what you want the next and still expect success. Full vibrational alignment with your desire is essential.


If the Formula seems simple, that’s because it is. Simple, however, doesn’t necessarily mean easy, as any Student of the Law of Attraction can attest. 🙂


My suggestion is to try this spread with a particular “Wish” in mind. For Position 1, you can pre-select the Wish Card (9 of Cups) or use another card that symbolizes your desire, whichever you prefer. Or, you can simply let the deck pick the card for you… If you pre-select a card, remove the card of your choice from the deck before thoroughly shuffling the remaining cards while asking the Tarot “How Can I Get My Wish?” (or some variation of that question).

Position #1 – Focus card (describes or represents what you are wishing for)
Positions #2, 3, 4 – The Answer (how-to instructions, what you need to do or not do to get what you are wishing for)
Position #5 – The Caution, Challenge or Obstacle
Position #6, 7 – Additional Information, Considerations, Advice

You can lay out the spread like I did in the diagram above or in any way that makes sense to you. Give it a try and see what you come up with. You might be amazed at how accurately the Tarot provides the answers you seek.


Mary Hawkins