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Playing Cards Advice on Weight Loss

One of the not-so-fun things about getting older is that weight loss becomes more difficult. In the past, dropping five pounds was easily achievable. Now, it seems to be nearly impossible.

This morning I decided to ask the cards to comment on my desire to lose weight. I specifically wanted to know what might help and what wouldn’t help at all.

I decided to use the playing cards and the Hedgewytchery Cross spread, where the first three cards from left to right show the past, present and future. The card above indicates “what to do” and the card below shows “what not to do.”

I drew:


Queen of Hearts - 4 of Clubs - 10 of Clubs - Queen of Spades - 5 of Hearts
Queen of Hearts – 4 of Clubs – 10 of Clubs – Queen of Spades – 5 of Hearts


The playing cards pulled no punches.

In the past, I was a younger woman (Queen of Hearts) and losing weight was not a problem (hearts). 4 of Clubs in the present position shows I am working (clubs) on it and 10 of Clubs in the future position suggests I will have to work (clubs) a whole lot harder (10) to achieve any results. 4 of Clubs in the present position also suggests I am sedentary — sitting at a desk — which is pretty accurate. I don’t move around much these days….

At first I was confused as to why I pulled two Queens, but suddenly the light went off. Queen of Hearts in the past position refers to me as a younger woman and Queen of Spades in the “what to do” position shows that I am now an older woman, and I need to come to terms with that. What won’t work is wishful thinking (5 of Hearts)!!!

Basically, the playing cards counseled that because I am now older (Queen of Spades), inactivity (4 of Clubs) isn’t going to cut it and I am fooling myself by engaging in wishful thinking (5 of Hearts). I will have to work my butt off  (10 of Clubs) if I expect to lose any weight at this stage of the game.



Mary Hawkins

Playing Cards Answer Spread: Should I Sell the House?

In a few short months, it’s probable that my son will be moving out of state to attend grad school. I’ve been going back and forth with myself, stressing over whether I should sell my house and move into an apartment or stay where I am. There are strong pros and cons for either option.

I decided to throw an Answer Spread* using ordinary playing cards to address the question.


Answer Spread with Playing Cards
Answer Spread with Playing Cards


This spread is read in columns.

Column 1 = Near Past / Current Situation

2 of Diamonds, 3 of Spades
2 of Diamonds, 3 of Spades

I’m worried (spades) that I may lose (spades) money (diamonds) if I sell the house. 3 of Spades is a card of loss and 2 of Diamonds indicates a money exchange.


Column 2 = The Answer

2 of Hearts, Queen of Spades
2 of Hearts, Queen of Spades

Column 2 shows a woman (Queen) who is feeling distressed (spades) over the loss (spades) of a son (2 of Hearts). As “The Answer,” it suggests I may be too emotionally distraught (hearts followed by spades) to address the issue at this time.


Column 3 = Influences that May Affect the Answer (especially the bottom card in Column 3, known as the Pivot Card).

7 of Hearts, 6 of Clubs
7 of Hearts, 6 of Clubs

In Column 3 we have hearts followed by clubs, suggesting working through (clubs) emotions / emotional feelings (hearts). Kapherus* suggested that 7 of Hearts could represent second chances with a more positive outcome the second time around, and 6 of Clubs can represent an opportunity to resolve problems and issues.

Notice the spread contains three red cards and three black cards. This often signifies that the answer could go either way, or that the answer is currently up in the air. With the three black cards all topping the three red cards, I get the sense that, for the moment, no decision will or should be made. It’s a dead stop for now.

All in all, the spread seemed to suggest that I need to work through (clubs in the Pivot Position) thoughts and feelings of emotional (hearts) and financial (diamonds) loss (spades) before I can make a decision that’s right for me.


*I learned this spread from the excellent Art of Cartomancy site by Kapherus. As I write this, he has taken down his site, much to my dismay, and that of many other cartomancers. Should he decide to come back online, I will put up a link.


Would you have read the cards a similar way? I’d like to know.


Mary Hawkins