When the Cards Won’t Speak, Consult your Astrology Chart

Just because I read cards every day doesn’t mean I always get advance notice on what the day might bring.

What happened yesterday is a perfect example.

I had a huge blow-out with one of my daughters, right in front of both my grandsons, over something that should never have set either one of us off in the first place. I tried to make amends but my daughter was still in somewhat of a huff when she left my house.

Now mind you, I’ve long since given up on wondering why my cards won’t alert me to unpleasant upsets before they happen. For whatever reason, they usually don’t.

Despite this, there’s always a reason the you-know-what hits the fan, and curious minds need to know. So my next step in trying to figure out what triggered this unexpected and unpredicted outburst was to check the astrological transits to my natal chart. I figured angry, emotional outbursts must have something to do with MARS, the MOONMERCURY, and maybe URANUS since (a) Uranus is associated with sudden, unexpected events, eruptions, and the like, and (b) Mercury squares Uranus in my natal chart.


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After calculating the charts, I found transit MOON (the action; also emotions) opposing natal MERCURY (speech) and squaring natal URANUS (eruptions). Moreover, transit MOON (emotions) was traveling through Aries (aggression, impulsivity) in my natal 5th House of Children. Additionally, transit MOON (emotions) was in sesquisquare (conflictual) aspect to natals MARS (anger), transit MERCURY (speech) was contraparallel (conflictual) to natal MARS (anger), and transit MARS (anger) was contraparallel (conflictual) to natal URANUS (sudden outbursts).

Talk about the stars being against me. No wonder I blew up at my daughter…


Mary Hawkins