Answer Spread Using Bicycle Club Tattoo Playing Cards

Over the weekend I found myself at Target searching for a birthday present for Grandson #2 when I spotted this playing card deck in one of the toys & games aisles:

Bicycle Club Tattoo Playing Cards (c) 2013 The United States Playing Card Company
Bicycle Club Tattoo Playing Cards (c) 2013 The United States Playing Card Company

Bicycle Club Tattoo Playing Cards

Do I have to tell you how long it took me to grab it off the shelf and toss it in my shopping cart?!

Yep. About two & a half seconds.

Despite a busy day, I just had to give these cards a try. I decided to throw an Answer Spread*, which can give a quick yes or no answer to a simple question. I was most curious to learn how these cards would respond to my energies.


My son is away at graduate school in a different state. A couple weeks ago he mentioned the possibility of coming home for a visit later this month. I’ve been trying not to think about it because I don’t want to stoke my expectations and then be disappointed.

But with this brand new (not to mention very cool) card deck sitting on my kitchen table, I couldn’t help myself. I just had to ask!

The Question

“Will my son come home for a visit by or before the end of October?”

The Answer

The Answer Spread using Bicycle Club Tattoo playing cards 7 of Diamonds - 10 of Diamonds - 6 of Diamonds - 6 of Hearts - King of Hearts - 8 of Diamonds
7 of Diamonds – 10 of Diamonds – 6 of Diamonds – 6 of Hearts – King of Hearts – 8 of Diamonds

Bicycle Club Tattoo Playing Cards

The first thing I note is all the cards are red. This in itself is an excellent indication of a “yes” answer.

I also note there are two sixes in the spread which can indicate that all works out in a satisfactory manner. This is another indication of a “yes” answer.

Out of six cards, four are diamonds. This suggests money is a major factor in whether or not the trip back home will take place, information that certainly resonates with me, since my son’s funds are limited. In fact, the pivot card (8 of Diamonds) is a card of budgeting and in that position shows finances are a key factor in his decision.

Column #1 – Recent Past or Current Situation

The Answer Spread Column 1 - 7 of Diamonds - 6 of Hearts
7 of Diamonds – 6 of Hearts

The Answer Spread is read in columns. The left-most column shows the recent past or current situation. Here we have the 7 of Diamonds topped by the 6 of Hearts.

The 6 of Hearts, a young male who is much loved, refers to my son. I see he has the 7 of Diamonds, a lucky money card above him, which makes me think this column shows his hopes or thoughts that he’ll have the money to make this trip.


Column #2 -The Answer

The Answer Spread Column 2 The Answer 10 of Diamonds King of Hearts
10 of Diamonds – King of Hearts

The 10 of Diamonds, among other things, symbolizes a trip by air or an airplane. In general, Diamonds topped by Hearts suggests a happy conclusion. I am not sure why the King of Hearts in particular showed up in this spot. I don’t think it refers to my son (he would be the Jack of Hearts). Perhaps some kindly man who has my son’s best interests at heart will be instrumental in seeing that he gets an airplane ticket home.



 Column #3 – Additional Information

Answer Spread Column 3 Additional Information 6 of Diamonds 8 of Diamonds
6 of Diamonds – 8 of Diamonds

6 of Diamonds + 8 of Diamonds suggests to me that my son will not be talking about any budgeting or financial difficulties he may have. No matter how much he’d like to make this trip, he’s not going to ask his mother for money. The cards in this column hint that if I really want to see him, perhaps I should consider sending some money to fund the cause.



The cards certainly seem to give a positive answer. Obviously, I won’t know for sure if this trip is a go until later in the month, and I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to send a little cash his way to hedge my bets.

On another note, I really enjoyed working with the Bicycle Club Tattoo playing card deck and plan to use it again. If you see this deck in your travels, scoop it up! If you can’t find it, you can order it at the link below.


Mary Hawkins

*I learned the Answer Spread from The Art of Cartomancy blog by Kapherus. Sadly, this excellent site that teaches how to read playing cards is no longer available to the public. If I hear any news about Kapherus rejoining the internet community, I’ll let you know.

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