Lenormand Daily Draw: Whip, Mountain, Garden, Ring, Sun, Tree

Tuesday afternoon my younger daughter texted, inviting me over for coffee. I blew her off, weakly promising her catch up with her “tomorrow.”

Wednesday morning, I pulled the following Lenormand cards for my daily draw:

11 Whip - 21 Mountain - 20 Garden - 25 Ring - 31 Sun - 5 Tree
11 Whip – 21 Mountain – 20 Garden – 25 Ring – 31 Sun – 5 Tree

Mlle. Lenormand Jeu de destin No. 194115 (c) 1986 Piatnik


As the central card in the draw, 20 Garden suggested some socializing was on the agenda. 11 Whip + 21 Mountain showed the recent past: action (Whip) delayed (Mountain), and the cards to the right of 20 Garden suggested a commitment (Ring) would be kept or honored (Sun).

As I’ve mentioned before, in addition to drawing a Line of 5, I often use the base card (bottom card of the shuffled deck) to clarify the reading or show additional information. In this draw, 5 Tree as the clarification or additional information suggested I would “reach out” (Tree) and fulfill my social obligations (Mountain + Garden + Ring).


What Actually Happened:

It turned out to be a bright, sunny day (Sun). This went a long way inĀ  improving my mood and bolstering my energy levels, making it easier for me to get off my duff, overcome my inertia (Whip + Mountain) and fulfill my social obligations (Mountain + Garden + Ring) by “reaching out” to family (Tree).

The visit (Garden) with my younger daughter and grandson turned out to be fun and I was glad I had “reached out” (Tree).


Mary Hawkins