Playing Cards Answer Spread: Will the Yarn Come In by Friday?

In addition to living with cards, cats, and my soon-to-be-elsewhere son, I live with yarn.

Lots of it.

The most usual thing I do with yarn is crochet afghans. Nothing too complicated, just a simple double crochet zigzag pattern I found on the internet a few years ago. It’s a pleasant, relaxing, mindless, sit-in-front-of-the-television activity I enjoy doing.

While crocheting my latest afghan, I realized I was running out of one of my colors and would need one more skein of yarn. I started looking for it a couple weeks ago but the color I needed was out of stock. Not only that, no other color came close enough to match it.

So last Wednesday, I went to my local Michael’s and asked an associate whether the yarn I needed was on order. She checked her inventory and told me it would either arrive that Friday, or the next Friday, she couldn’t be sure.

By Wednesday evening, I’d gotten dangerously close to the row where I’d have to switch to the needed color. Thursday morning, I decided to ask the playing cards:


“Will the yarn I need to finish my afghan arrive at the store this Friday?”

Here are the cards I drew:

Jack of Clubs - 6 of Hearts - 5 of Diamonds - 9 of Hearts - 8 of Hearts - 10 of Clubs
Jack of Clubs – 6 of Hearts – 5 of Diamonds – 9 of Hearts – 8 of Hearts – 10 of Clubs

Answer Spread using Playing Cards

The color pattern across the top row is B-R-R, indicating a problem will be solved.

The color pattern across the bottom row is R-R-B, suggesting a problem may be on the horizon.


With contradictory information, I needed to dig further. Further analysis showed there were no Spades, indicating there would be no major problems or delays, and since four of the six cards, including the two cards in Column 2 (the Answer) were red, there would likely be a good outcome.

I could now go on to read the columns and get my answer.

Column 1 shows the Near Past or Current Situation:

Jack of Clubs - 9 of Hearts
Jack of Clubs – 9 of Hearts

Jack of Clubs can mean practical thoughts, or thoughts about a practical matter, and 9 of Hearts is the “wish card.” This column showed I am wishing (9 of Hearts) to complete my project (Clubs), or my thoughts about finishing my project (Jack of Clubs) will be fulfilled (9 of Hearts).


Column 2 is The Answer:

6 of Hearts - 8 of Hearts
6 of Hearts – 8 of Hearts

I will make good progress (6 of Hearts) regarding an existing relationship (8 of Hearts). In other words, I will be able to finish my afghan because the store will have the yarn in stock.


Column 3 shows what might influence the answer.

5 of Diamonds - 10 of Clubs
5 of Diamonds – 10 of Clubs

10 of Clubs as the Pivot Card suggested the completion (10) of a practical project (Clubs). One of the meanings for 5 of Diamonds is shopping. Because 10 of Clubs (completion) tops 5 of Diamonds (shopping), I deduced that the project would be completed after a successful shopping trip.

The two hearts in Column 2 (The Answer) suggested that my wish (9 of Hearts) to complete my project (10 of Clubs) would be easily accomplished.

Because there were no Spades in the spread, I did not anticipate any delays. The cards clearly indicated that the yarn should arrive “this Friday” as opposed to “next Friday.”


What Actually Happened:

Early Friday afternoon, I went to Michael’s and, as the playing cards had predicted, the yarn I needed had indeed arrived!


Mary Hawkins