Lenormand Cards Address Money Question: Sun, Whip, Lilies, Clouds

A female querent recently deposited a significant (to her) amount of money into a money market account and wanted to know “Will the money grow?” Basically, she wondered whether she’d be able to leave it be, gathering interest, or whether she would have to begin withdrawing amounts here and there, sadly watching it dwindle away.

I decided to draw three Lenormand cards plus a clarification card to address her issue. Prior to selecting the cards, I mentally superimposed 15 Bear on the central card position, since 15 Bear represents financial resources and investments. That way, whatever card appears in the central position is located in the House of the Bear, and its meaning is combined with the meaning of 15 Bear.

I drew:

31 Sun - 11 Whip - 30 Lilies - 6 Clouds
31 Sun – 11 Whip – 30 Lilies – 6 Clouds

Mystical Lenormand (c) 2005, 2007 – AGM-Muller


The cards suggested there could be financial gain (Sun) through repetitive deposits or regular monthly interest (Whip, in the House of 15 Bear) to the account, resulting in a slow build-up (Lilies) of money. Whip + Clouds, however, raised a red flag that the querent may lack a certain sense of direction. 6 Clouds by itself as clarification or additional information suggested the outcome may be changeable or unpredictable.


Notice that if you add the numerical values of the chosen Lenormand Cards, 31 + 11 + 30 + 6, you get 78 = 7 + 8 = 15 which equals 15 Bear — the subject of this reading and the card that was mentally superimposed upon the central card (Whip) of the 3 card draw.  This gives more weight to the necessity of regular deposits to the account and/or monthly interest to produce the outcome the querent desires.


I told the querent I was  concerned about the lack of direction and/or uncertainty indicated by the clarification card, 6 Clouds. It seemed to me that the money could grow slowly, either through regular deposits to the account and/or repeated monthly interest (Sun + Whip + Lilies), but that she hadn’t made a firm decision yet (Clouds) as to whether she would begin withdrawing from the account before it had a chance to grow. I suggested she might want to focus on finding ways to prevent withdrawal from happening, assuming her prevailing desire was to have the funds grow.

The querent agreed the cards mirrored her situation quite accurately, as at the present time, she was uncertain (Clouds) as to whether she could continue to fund the account or if she was going to have to begin withdrawing from it.


Mary Hawkins