Tarot Guidance: What I Need What I Want Spread

Mid-morning or so, I was thinking random, not particularly productive thoughts, when I caught myself in the act.

I noticed I was feeling somewhat frustrated and annoyed with myself. My to-do list was growing by the moment and I didn’t feel like tackling one thing on it. Other than that, I couldn’t seem to figure out why I was feeling out of sorts. I decided to throw a What I Need / What I Want Tarot spread to cast a little light on the matter.


What I Need What I Want Tarot Spread 10 of Pentacles - Knight of Swords - Ace of Swords
What I Need What I Want Tarot Spread
10 of Pentacles – Knight of Swords – Ace of Swords

Universal Waite Tarot Deck (c) 1971, 1991 U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


10 of Pentacles in the What I Need position indicates financial security. Specifically, a safety net.

Knight of Swords in the What I Want position suggests I should engage in logical, non-emotional action or activities that are clearly focused on my goals.

Ace of Swords in the Advice position tells me a decision is needed.

The Tarot spread suggests that I make a decision (Ace of Swords) to engage in positive, logical, goal-oriented activities (Knight of Swords) in order to achieve my need, which is financial security and the development of a safety net (10 of Pentacles).

* * * * * * * * * * *

Although I really didn’t have any preconceived notions on subject matter prior to pulling the cards, I must say I was impressed. Recently retired from the work force, my goal is to develop and monetize this blog in order to eventually supplement my Social Security income. This will provide the financial security / safety net I need. The What I Need / What I Want Tarot Spread had succinctly pointed out what I should focus on to get me where I needed and wanted to be.

The cards I drew focused my conscious mind on a game plan that made perfect sense for me. I should take consistent, logical, clearly focused, goal-oriented actions and trust in my eventual success. Knowing the Universe loves symbolic gestures, I followed up immediately by writing this post. Then I printed the spread and taped it near my computer because I don’t want to lose track of the guidance I received.

* * * * * * * * * * *

It just so happens, in this draw, what I needed and what I wanted coincided, which was serendipitous. If the cards had fought each other, indicating that my needs and wants were at odds, I would probably have wanted to throw another spread to help me clarify how I might resolve the discrepancy.



Mary Hawkins

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